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August 22, 2011

done, done and DONE! Crate Escape too can’t wait to see YOU!

Crate Escape too
We didn’t either! …..think the construction details (delays) would come together so we could move back in to our special daycare/ store. But they did. We reopened officially as Crate Escape too last Monday, August 22nd. Jenny and Carly worked their tails off to make the store beautiful and efficient for their customers. And a huge thanks to Construction Manager, Woman of Many Titles, Nikki, who oversaw the development of ‘Crate Escape too. If you haven’t been in, you should really stop by. Our dogs must have cut their summers short, because it seems like everyone we missed all summer has been back to daycare to play in their new space. (kind of like, back to school early) Lots of new pups enrolling too. And we must say again, thank you to our wonderful customers for being so flexible during the renovation.

Crate Escape
Happy and Sad. Some of our favorite dog handlers went, or are going soon, back to school. Thanks to them for a great summer! Nikki and Stephanie are on their forever hunt tracking down fabulous, new dog foods, toys, leashes, collars and supplements to give you options to increase your dogs health and happiness (o.k. and beauty/ handsomeness). We are excited about the fall, as we continue our quest; striving to give the best care to your dogs, and you of course!

No More Homeless Pets
You have probably heard the ‘cry’ initiated at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, one of the largest no-kill shelters in the U.S. (for more details you can check out their website We have always been big supporters of adopting dogs from shelters and rescues. We have unofficially partnered with a few shelters who will let us know about dogs available for adoption, so we can put the word out to our customers. If you, or your acquaintances have an interest in either of the pups below, give us a call. Thanks.

Short & Sweet

Ty is a 4-5 year old Jack Russell. He is very sweet and is good with dogs. people and children. We were notified that he is available for adoption through a connection Stephanie has with the shelter. We just learned that he was a stray. After being rescued, he was in a crate in the office of the shelter in Manchester NH for 5 weeks, because they were full. He has a great temperament, is house trained and responds to basic commands. He is currently spending time with a foster family. If you have any interest in adopting him, or know anyone who wants a cute, playful, 10lb jack russell, call us at (617)489-9003. In the meantime, we will keep the updates coming.

Another cute, adoptable, male terrier named Will. Crate will be serving as a liasion towards his adoption. He is under 2 years old and was surrendered to the shelter as a stray. He is neutered and the shelter personnel say he is a ‘typical terrier boy’, friendly and playful. Like Ty (above) he is currently in a crate all day in the office of the rescue in Manchester, NH. If anyone is interested, you can email me at and I will let you know the scoop. Please spread the word!

August 14, 2011


Crate Escape too! Excitement in the Air
We are SOOOO happy to announce that Monday, August 22nd is the reopening date of Crate Escape too. The store and daycare are all spiffed up and almost all of our wonderful food, treats and toys are back in place. Once again, thank you for your patience and flexibility these last seven weeks and we’ll see you in the Village!

Crate Escape
… will be so glad when the CE too renovation is complete! It’s like summer guests; wonderful to see them and catch up, but there comes a time when you want to claim your space and let things settle back to normal. We did a focus group with the CE too dogs and regular Crate dogs (regular based on # of times per week, not psychological assessment!) and they were fine with the combo, so it must be people who want routine back. Thanks Crate, we love you!

Coming Up!
We have had lots of our canine friends stay over night this summer. As with many holidays, Labor Day weekend is filling up! Please make your reservations as soon as possible if you would like your dog to stay at Crate over Labor Day. Thanksgiving and December holidays fill up quickly too; it’s quite possible we will hit our maximum number and have to say no to reservations made after November 15th for Thanksgiving and December 15th for Christmas. Please book your reservations as soon as possible!

Last and Best: Here’s Ernestine!

Later, Ernestine

August 4, 2011

Roll out those LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY Days of SUMMER… WOOF!

Crate Escape too Renovation Update
Our weekly update doesn’t have too much update. Basically, there are no new delays since last week. We are pushing the contractors and all other involved parties as hard as we can to keep things moving fast. Without any promises, we CAN say that
when suggesting, ‘September 1st?’ as a completion date, the response is, ‘oh no, before that!’ Then with, ‘August 15th?’, the blatant, honest response is ‘hopefully’. We promise to share infomation with you as we get it. If you have any questions, please ask at the front desk at Crate or call us at (617) 489-9003. Thanks!

Crate Escape
Our original Crate is having a wonderful summer! Plenty of dogs everyday keep our canine population content. The air conditioning is key! We miss our regular dogs who are ‘out’ on summer vacation. Our summer pups at daycare love the beautiful days (going out to do their ‘business’, the dogs comment, is just long enough in the hot summer sun) and equally love going back in to regulated coolness to PLAY! (no ‘ (quotes)’ around that one cause it’s not verbatim!)

How to Greet a Dog (and What to Avoid)
This article and poster by Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS, explains that appropriate greetings are common sense. She says, ‘Imagine if someone greeted you the way many people greet dogs!’
The basic points when greeting a dog are:
** Stand a safe distance away so that you are not a threat.
** Approach slowly (at a relaxed walk).
** Ask the caretaker if you can interact first.
** Approach sideways and look using your peripheral vision.
** Stay outside the dog’s bubble and present your side to the dog.
** Let the dog approach at his own rate.
** It’s ok to pet the dog if he looks relaxed, and solicits your attention by rubbing
against you.
** Pet gently.

You may download a poster illustrating the points above by following this link:

A few words from Ernestine:
Hey you guys, stop stressing about all that mundane, everyday stuff and go to the beach!

Later, Ernestine

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