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January 30, 2013

Charlestown Crate Escape Open!

On Monday, January 28th, Charlestown Crate Escape opened it’s doors for the first time, offering our fabulous dog services to downtown Boston. Our dog population is growing every day! We just got the news that van service will be up and running the week of February 4th. We will pick up and drop off in most Boston neighborhoods.

Charlestown Crate People
Manager Jenny started at Crate Escape too 2+ years ago. She is a true leader with great people skills, which is key to happy committed employees who assure well cared for dogs. Crate Escape too is for dogs under 40 lbs, so when Charlestown became a reality, Jenny moved to Belmont Crate for 6 months to get used to big, feisty dogs!
She is 100% committed to customers and dogs- so you are in good hands.

Alex is the Assistant Manager in Charlestown. She started with Crate last July and dove right in; picking up ‘all things Crate’ very quickly. Alex is great at focusing, task management and she will do anything for Crate Escape. (don’t for a minute be fooled by her size.. she can lift anything!) She is great with dogs, and is ‘just what the vet ordered’ for the Charlestown customers, dogs and staff.

Neil moved from Belmont to Charlestown as Pen Manager. We are thrilled to have him; he is amazing at checking out dog socializing skills and behavior and managing the ‘pack’. A long term employee, he has worked with dogs of all breeds and , and shows his expertise every day.

You couldn’t get a better welcoming committee!

Check Us Out at 200 Terminal Street, Charlestown
We will do tours for anyone interested, so give us a shout; or (617) 886-9003. We invite you to set up a temperament review for your dog to register for daycare.

Big Hello to Vanessa, her Crew and the Dogs at Crate Escape too
Next week, we will be closer to ‘business as usual’. So Sorry, Crate Escape too, we haven’t howled your praises in a long time!

More Charlestown
Photos of dogs to follow soon; here are some pictures of the facility:

Charlestown Welcome/ Lobby Area

Treats, Food and More to Come!

A Word from Ernestine
Aside from having to go to my Holistic Vet for an adjustment, I am no worse for all the work I have done over the last 6 months. Building the new Crate Escapes, Belmont and Charlestown. Yes, I was in charge. So I am settled in my bed and plan to stay here at least until the end of January. (I am sleeping, Emmitt, my brother looking out window and Sundance looking at you!) Then it’s almost time for my blue ball!

Later, Ernestine

** editor’s note– sorry spacing is off!

January 17, 2013


Can you believe it? We can’t either. Two new daycares opening less than a month apart. Needless to say Ernestine is exhausted. Jenny, on the other hand, is so excited, as the Manager of Charlestown Crate, that she can’t stop smiling. Most of you know Jenny, as the former Manager of Crate Escape too, and most recently, she’s been at the front desk in Belmont, getting used to bigger dogs!
Anyway, many of us spent a day in Charlestown, cleaning up the new space. The construction is done, so there is mostly cleaning and setting up to do. The space is fabulous!! Lots of natural light; here are some photos:

Charlestown space; back pen.

We are scheduling tours and temperament tests at Charlestown before the actual opening date. Next Wednesday, January 23rd, from 12noon to 7pm, join us at 200 Terminal St. for tours of the new Crate Escape. Potential customers’ dogs may do an ‘interview’ during which we introduce the dog interested in daycare, slowly to other dogs. Join us and tell your friends!

Here are some visuals!

A VERY FEW Words from Ernestine
Ernie is Crate Escape’s icon and the reason the company started. “Come to Charlestown on January 23rd for a pre opening tour of our new facility!! We are doing dog interviews (temperament tests) in addition to tours of the facility. Check out the ‘Policies’ section of this website for an explanation. Call us at 617-866-9003 for more info!”

Later, Ernestine

January 3, 2013

Done Deal! Belmont Crate Escape New Address; 30 Brighton St.

The new Crate Escape Belmont opened it’s doors on Monday, December 31st. It was a wonderful day; as dogs left cars in the parking lot and walked around to the front, they smelled their friends markings in the snow.. so although the backdrop is new, they knew friends were inside. Stephanie, Bradley and Nikki were in the front, retail section of daycare as the dogs entered, so tails rose and wiggles started! We will have photos with dogs soon!

‘Tis the Season’
… to foster a dog. Think about it one more time. It is not permanent, probably for a month to six weeks. I have a Holiday Foster Story to share.
My yellow lab Calvin was the love of my life. When he died in October, 2010, I wanted another dog, but it couldn’t be a lab. A year later, I was aching for a lab. Crate Escape has been helping homeless dogs in every way that has been possible. (lots more to come!!) One of the rescue organizations we have been in touch with is Paws New England. They have partnered with a shelter in rural Tennessee, The Tipton County Animal Shelter, who takes in strays and surrendered dogs. Paws NE is in close touch with Tipton, they post Tipton dogs on facebook, get them into local volunteer homes whenever possible, vet them and usually transport them to New England to be fostered and adopted. Around the middle of December a senior black lab appeared on facebook who was at Tipton. He was a stray; the owner had 5 days to claim him or his fate was undetermined. He touched my heart.

I called Tipton a couple of times to check up on him- the second call they told me he had been sent to a family in Tennessee (a caring shelter employee called Paws and asked to get him out of there!) The volunteer family in TN posted this photo on fb the next day:

Then, I started thinking practical. Like how much extra work? how would I walk 3 dogs? vet bills? on and on. It suddenly occurred to me that I had been advocating fostering for a couple of years; it wasn’t about my inconveniences, it was about supporting homeless dogs and finding them homes.
I wrote Paws and told them I was definitely interested. They told me he (they named him Dave 🙁 )was being transported to New England that weekend, (this was on Friday)and they would get back to me with details.
That afternoon I received another email from Paws New England. Dave’s owners had appeared at the shelter and claimed him!! They are a family, they have kids and another 10 yr. old black lab at home. They had visited the shelter the week before and been told he (real name Luke!! Yea!) was not there. Desparate, they persevered and were ecstatic to find him!!
Lovely ending! and Lesson learned.

A Note from Ernie
So, whadya think? Brighton St., Belmont, yup I ran that whole construction project. I didn’t play with my blue ball at all in December. Happy New Year, everyone! Going to sleep for a few days and then head for Charlestown!

oh yea, so busy I forgot to take my hat off!

Later, Ernestine

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