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March 31, 2013

Under the Bridge! Under the Bridge! Charlestown Crate is UNDER the Tobin Bridge!

We had a fabulous Open House in Charlestown last weekend! Lots of people and their dogs visited to tour and talk to our wonderful staff. As a result we have a pack (not really, because they are probably not together now) of new dogs and puppies joining us to play several times /week.

Everyone who visits is amazed at the space. It is a simple design, that comes together perfectly for the eye and most importantly for the dogsA Our new customers like that our van service picks up right at their houses, not at bus stops, and with the grooming service; we can shampoo/ groom during daycare and send your pup home looking and feeling great!

Directions to Charlestown Crate, 200 Terminal St.
Yup, we are going to post them again! There are several possible situations that could take you off track..
1. GPS – TURN IT OFF! when you get to the end of Terminal St or Chelsea St., BEFORE YOU GO UNDER THE BRIDGE.
2. We are UNDER THE BRIDGE! Our entrance way is literally, completely under the bridge!
3. Google Maps aren’t doing it. We are finding different maps that will be posted soon!

Directions from Rutherford St. and Medford St. to 200 Terminal St.

Chelsea St. Directions

Medford St. directions

A Word from Ernestine
OK, I took some time off.
Playing in the snow:
ernie in snow1

ernie in car1

AND! Dressing up with my brother, Emmitt!
ernie emmitt bunny ears

Later, Ernestine

March 11, 2013

Paw Prints on the Dates! March 23rd and 24th; 11am – 4pm; Charlestown Crate Open House!

Join us during the weekend of March 23rd and 24th, for an Open House at Crate Escape in Charlestown. We can’t wait to show you our new space; it is custom built for our dogs and attractive at the same time. We are especially excited about the outside space which is very special in a downtown location.
During our Open House weekend, bring your dog! and come for a tour. Meet our staff and let us show you the ‘canine caring’ we live by and what keeps that ‘word of mouth’ going.

Dog Daycare and Dog Walkers
Often dog daycares and dog walkers are considered competition, which is true a certain percentage of the time. BUT! Less than you might think. As our customers know, both Little Crate (Cambridge) and Belmont Crate have lists of dog walkers posted on their bulletin boards. Our reasons to refer can be a dog not socialized enough to hang out in a pack, a spark of aggression towards other dogs; which can be handled 1 on 1, and many of our customers come to daycare 2 or 3 times/ week and use dog walkers for the other 2-3 days. So we can happily coexist. And support each other! Boston Dog Walkers (and everyone else!) come and visit us for a tour, any weekday between 8am and 4pm. 200 Terminal St, Charlestown.


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