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May 29, 2013

Crate Escape at SOWA Open Market and Crate Escape too

If you haven’t visited  SOWA Open Market which is in the South End every Sunday through October, it is a great Sunday event! There are 3 sections, the Arts Market,  Food Trucks and the Farmer’s Market.   Crate Escape has a table, to bark about our services, through the end of June.  We are located  in the Farmer’s Market section.

Last week was our first,  we met lots of Greater Boston dogs and told them about opening in Charlestown, We also talked about Crate Escape too and Belmont, of course.  We saw at least 15 of our customers and provided treats and water for all!

nikki alex at sowa

Crate Escape too We Love You!
The team at little Crate has been busy taking care of their pups and they are so excited to be able to leave the back door open!
Just to show you how busy they are!

ce2 teddy gallo at computer

A Few Words From Ernie
I have to talk about the beach, it’s coming soon! My new sister Hilda will come with us, I wonder if there is enough ocean for her.

vert. smile paws up-001

Later, Ernestine

May 20, 2013

Spring Fling in Somerville and SOWA Next Week

In early 2013, Crate Escape became a sponsor of somdog,  a nonprofit organization built as a grassroots effort to create positive change for Somerville’s residents and their dogs.  Late last year, a new president, Brian Davis, was elected followed by  a new Board of Directors.  We have many Somerville dogs at all 3 Crate Escapes, so we have kept in touch with somdog over the years.  This year, talking to Brian about their goals, (wishes and dreams) we realized how much we have in common and how we can help each other.  Especially since getting their 501c3 designation, they are working with communities surrounding Somerville, and focusing on shelter/ rescue issues.

On Sunday, May 19th,  somdog hosted a ‘Spring Fling’ in Union Square.  Crate had a table there, as did many of our favorite dog services around town, including,  Kickass Cupcakes, Polka Dog,  the Fish and Bone (retail store on Newbury St.)  Next to us was Last Hope K9 Rescue.  What fabulous neighbors! We learned about their efforts in rescuing and placing homeless dogs and met many of their staff and foster parents.  (no coincidences – Steph and Brad almost adopted a white chihuahua from them earlier this year!)

Through Katie from somdog, we heard about Somerville Animal Control and the city’s shelter.  The circumstances described are heartwrenching.  We were not able to find a history of the shelter online, but based on what we heard yesterday, the Somerville Shelter is in dire need of support. They have had to move due to lack of funds and are now located in a garage that can only hold 4 animals.  One more effort of somdog and Last Hope that we support!

More Spring Fling-  we had the best time.  We saw many of our customers and their dogs and met so many more.  All ages and types, Somerville is definitely a Rescue Wonderland!

Thanks, somdog. We are excited to be on board and look forward to making great things happen with you! Brian and Katie, you are the best!  Check out and


Crate Escape is Everywhere!

Spring Fling last weekend and starting this Sunday, we will have a table at SOWA!  So exciting! It is a great weekly eclectic farmer’s market in the South End with great food,  art, jewelery and much more! Visit our booth at:

Sundays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


A Word from Ernestine

So sorry I missed the Spring Fling in Somerville yesterday.  Even as Top Dog,  it is  a challenge for me to go to events like that.  First, there are treats EVERYWHERE! and ‘asking’  (notice I did not say begging) for them is a full time effort. Plus,  people don’t pay enough attention to me because there are new dogs to meet (unacceptable).

I have many jobs and one of the major ones is caring for my pack at home. Especially with my new sister Hilda, surprises are much more frequent.  Thank goodness there are always tennis balls around!

e ball in mouth

Later,  Ernestine

May 15, 2013

Why Dog Daycare?

The social unit of dogs is the pack. From research on wolf packs that are formed in captivity, the pack has traditionally been thought of as a tightly knit group composed of individuals that have earned a ranking in a linear hierarchy, and within which there is intense loyalty. It is believed that dogs were able to be domesticated by and succeed in contact with human society because of their social nature. According to this traditional belief, dogs generalize their social instincts to include humans, in essence “joining the pack” of their owner/handler.”

“Dogs value the companionship of the others in their “pack” and are sometimes distressed if they are separated from it. Typical reactions when a dog is separated from the pack are barking, howling, digging, and chewing. These activities may distress humans when they need to leave dogs alone for a period of time. However, this behavior, called separation anxiety, can be overcome with training, or at least decreased to the point where it becomes manageable. If young puppies are habituated to periods alone from an early age, this can normally be prevented entirely.”

Dogs are social creatures that require more than just food and water to survive. Dog walks tend to be for short periods of time 15-30 minutes which allow your pooch to relieve  themselves outside the home.   Dog walks are leash/tethered so the dogs don’t get to burn off all that energy they’ve stored up waiting for their walk.

Dog daycare allows dogs to be dogs in a pack setting off leash (the bigger the space the better). All  the dog/puppy play groups at Crate Escape average 15 dogs  per person. Once your dog is enrolled s/he will only be playing with other equally playful dogs, off leash, who have been screened for daycare. It’s very much like school where the kids/dogs find their niche of companions and hang out  with them in packs for hours at a time. Puppies love daycare and learn a lot of pack etiquette while they play with each other.  Dogs are screened for vaccination shots and temperament tested to be certain they will play nice with other dogs their same age and size. Because of the pack mentality dogs are always stimulated to either play or sit on the sideline and supervise their canine companions.

Bradley Hastings


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