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June 8, 2014

Ernie & Rules plus! Super Special Interview with Van Service Manager, Sean!


Why is it that the more fun activities there are for us puppy dogs, the more time you guys take to make lists of potential dangers? During the warmer weather particularly, when we are outside, there are so many rules! I am writing MY list of tips, on how we should behave at cookouts to get the most food!


We have some fun events coming up! For you Charlestownians, we are hosting a People/ Puppy Ice Cream Social on June 19th from 5:30 – 7:30, on the Greens in the Charlestown Navy Yard. We are offering free ice cream to all pups and people who stop by our tent. Human ice cream and pup safe ice treats will be served.

And! On June 26th Belmont Crate will be hosting a cook out for people and their pups. It is going to be awesome!! More info to follow!

The Pet Palooza on August 2nd and 3rd,  is a 2 day event! Packed with interactive fun for your dog in a ring. dock diving competitions, activities for kid.! Schedule coming soon! (text from red box below som|dog flyer.)

Later,  Ernestine

safe dog cookout tips (1)

Meet Sean, Van Service Manager

We started offering dog pick ups and drop offs in 2006, shortly after Crate Escape Belmont opened. We are so glad we started early, because trying to introduce it now would be close to impossible. Like our other services, the vans have grown and matured over the years. It might sound easy, like, ‘Please pick up Hershey at 10, and bring him back home at 4.’ But! safety is the number 1 priority, and what that includes and entails is huge. We are proud how the service has grown with us, in terms of areas where we offer service, times of van runs, and our regular driver staff.

Sean became Van Service Manager in 2012. Everything about him is great for this job. He is organized, focused, easy to work with, and intuitive. He does a great job managing our van services! We asked him to talk about his job:

Q: What were your reasons for applying to Crate Escape? Were you hired as a van driver initially?
A: I’ve worked with dogs for about 10 years now, and I wanted to continue to do so, but closer to home (I live in Arlington.) CE had an opening for a van driver so I stopped by and didn’t leave until Nikki hired me. I’m nothing if not persistent Emoji.

Q: What is your main focus on a daily basis?
A: I try to keep all of our drivers focused on safety. Our clients allow us to come into their homes, pick up their dogs and take them out on the road. I consider that to be a huge offer of trust and I do everything I can think to do to maintain the safest possible conditions for the dogs so that we never violate that trust.

Q: What characteristics are necessary to become a van driver?
A: The ability to keep a cool head is paramount. Driving itself can be stressful for some people, adhering to a schedule while in traffic can make that worse. And, of course, we’re also making sure the dogs are doing well as we drive. A cool head and a steady hand make that all much easier. An attention to detail is also very helpful.

Q: What are some of your challenges?
A: Heck if I know. Even when it’s hectic or things go wrong, I still have a lot of fun at my job.

Q: Any long term objectives/wish lists for the Van Manager position?
A: I’d say my main long term goal would be growth. I’d like to keep expanding the area that we can cover and pick up any dog that wants to be picked up because I really like it and want to do more of it. I get to see our dogs socialize while they’re here, but I also get to see them on their home turf. I meet their families and their neighbors. They come running to me with their favorite toys when I pick them up. It’s a blast. So, of course, I want to do as much of it as I can. The more I can expand our service, the more dogs I have the privilege of getting to know in this way.

Q: Comments?
A: I’m a pretty lucky guy. the domestic dog is a singular animal on this planet, there isn’t another animal that can do what they do, and I get to work with them daily and provide them with something that enriches their lives. I work with people I like and respect, and for people I like and respect. And one day I will convince Nikki of the advertising benefits of funding my Crate Escape tattoo… so, yeah, life is good.

Thanks, Sean. Crate Escape is grateful to have you.

Sean’s Family

Judge and Clyde

Judge and Clyde

Judge and Kitten

Judge and Kitten

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