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August 3, 2014

Featuring Dublin! 11 Things Humans Do that Drive their Dogs CRAZY! Ernie Announces A New Blu!!


Month #8, of Crate Escape’s 10th Anniversary Year!

Firstly, thanks again to our wonderful customers! Happy Summer!

We have been honoring dogs who started with us in Cambridge, as puppies, who we watched grow up!  Presenting DUBLIN!  We asked Joyce, his Mom to share her Crate experiences; she put together a beautiful group of photos.

Here’s Dublin!

‘Once upon a time there was a tiny (well, he was never tiny) pup named Dr. Dublin. Dr. Dublin is a first cross labradoodle, who currently, at age 9 weighs 110 lbs.

dublin cute

He was born while we were in Dublin Ireland running a conference and we named him Dublin without knowing he would look like an Irish Wolfhound!


As soon as Dublin had all of his shots, we took him to Raining Cats and Dogs (Now Crate Escape too). He was younger than many of the dogs, but a huge baby huey kind of guy. Stephanie used to call him the Trojan horse, because the little pups would scuttle under him to try to escape when he was being let out!

He became a therapy dog at my clinic ‘Center For Family Connections’. He was chosen because so many of the children seen there had asthma and allergies and doodles were said to be non allergic.

Dr. Dublin sounds formal, but when he is working that is his name, and that is how he is represented in a book about him (that is still in the making). He is a handsome dude and we used to have conversations at Little Crate about whether he looked more like Rod Stewart, Louis XV, or John BonJovi.

Dubbie went over to Crate Escape in Belmont, when it first opened and took the van back to little Crate in the afternoon so I could drop and pick him up there. He loved being the Mayor of RCD but, alas, he was too big and had to graduate fully to Crate.

Dublin is an amicable fellow and loves all of his people at Crate. 

Dublin lives in Cambridge with me and my daughter lives upstairs with her YorkiePoo, Nicoise, who is Dubbie’s best sister.’

Joyce Maguire Pavao

Dublin has been an icon at Crate Escape daycare for over 8 years.

We love you Dubs!!


Ernestina – Beach Blogging

Greetings, Fans!  The weather has been amazing! I must admit, this weekend, it was nice to curl up and SLEEP in the cooler weather. When the sun is out, I have to lie in it!

Blu has a sister/brother (tbd). S/he just appeared in Charlestown!!


Charlestown Blu


Belmont Blu


C’town Blu

Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I am!!

Ernie looking over marshes


Later, Ernestine



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