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June 24, 2015

How Ernie will still help to write the blog… & Potential Causes of Canine Cancer

Ernie thank you card (1)


Emmitt & Sundance (Ernie’s Brothers) in her bed.











We hear that the house is much quieter, and everyone is doing their best to be there for each other…


“Me Too!”, Hilda

You have given us such great support! The Hastings family (people and dogs) are grateful for your caring and well wishes.

This is the first blog written since Ernie’s passing.  She wrote the blog from the beginning, so we sat back and considered what it would be like without her physically by our side.  As a few months have passed, and after the Chase Away K9 Cancer fund raiser, we know that Ernie is in our hearts- we can write for her- inherently aware of what she would say.

Having said that… here’s a human editorial…

Ernie’s passing deeply touched many of the people who shared her life. Many dog people have had a  ‘special’ dog in their lives. What struck many of us was that she was not just a cute icon for the business – but literally, if she had not been Brad and Steph’s dog, there would be no Crate Escape.

The experience also educated us about canine cancer. We heard statistics that 50% of all dogs over 10 get cancer and/or 1 in 3 dogs will get cancer in his/her life. Like people cancer, caught early, the odds of a successful recovery increase. There are a lot of articles out there about the possible causes of cancer.  The  source is usually hard to pinpoint- the following names a few possibilities;

Chemicals and toxins in the environment, food and water are at the top of the list. Be careful about the products you use on your lawn and the household cleansers you choose. Remember that your dog’s nose is closer to floor or the ground than yours is. Remember that your dog rolls around on it, walks on it and then licks his paws, may even eat it when it’s on a leaf outside, or a morsel of food that dropped to the kitchen floor. Great natural house cleaning ideas can be found at

Dog Food:  Chemicals find their way into dog foods as well. Choose a high quality food. Read the ingredients list carefully, looking for meat and vegetables, whole foods, to be at the beginning of the list rather than by-products and meals.

Vaccines: Vaccinations play a role in causing cancer. Cancer is often diagnosed within a month after a pet’s annual vaccinations. In cats, vaccine associated sarcomas (VAS) are well documented. Vaccination-site tumors may occur when a pet receives repeated needle-sticks in the same place year after year. Components of the vaccination formula aside from the actual vaccine (adjuvants) may cause cancer to develop.

Vaccines have been found to remain protective for much longer than a year, yet many pets receive the vaccinations each and every year. Ask your doctor to titer test for each disease or illness before vaccinating your pet against that disease. There’s no need to vaccinate if there is still enough protection provided from the previous vaccination.

  • Insurance:  Another important detail to consider– if your dog is diagnosed with cancer and needs treatment – it is very expensive! It is definitely worth it to look into dog insurance, to assure you can do everything possible for your pup.


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