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April 12, 2016

Ernestine and Cease Canine Cancer

In honor of Ernestine’s* birthday we will be having our:

Annual Cease Canine Cancer Benefit

April 21st
Crate Escape too
368 Huron Ave.

Join us for an evening of good food, drinks and friends as we gather to raise money to end canine cancer. We have put together a fabulous silent auction, filled with generous donations both for dogs and humans. We will be sharing silent auction items via FB over the next two weeks. We hope to see you there!

Can’t make it to the event? Donate at your favorite Crate Escape! Be sure to get a Pupcake in celebration of Ernie’s birthday.

Crate Escape too Windows


Ernie died from canine cancer in January, 2015.

*(from the Ernestine page)

Ernie is the icon for Crate Escape. She was the inspiration for the business, and as she grew, the business grew. During her life, Brad and Stephanie were very clear about not making too much of the icon. “All dog businesses have dog icons,” said Stephanie.

Those who knew her knew that she was so much more. For 12 1/2 years she shared her happiness and energy (and preferences, of course!) many of which were woven into Crate Escape’s development. She loved her blue ball, chasing plovers at the beach and running along the tide line… (click on the Ernestine page for more…)

Ernie looking into the ocean


April 1, 2016

A Tribute to Hilda- Truly a Crate Escape Girl

Hilda 2008 – 2016




For all of us who own dogs the worst days are when we have to say goodbye to them. Sadly, on March 30th, we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl Hilda. Unexpectedly we discovered she had osteosarcoma and, with the challenge being beyond what we thought she could handle, we made the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

Hilda became part of our family 3 and a half years ago, but she was part of the Crate Escape family from the time she was 5 months old. Everyone she met fell in love with her. She was a beauty for sure, but what everyone loved was her sweet and goofy personality. The most amazing thing is she came from a challenging situation, but gave nothing but love and sweetness to everyone. So typical of dogs-they forgive the worst behavior and continue to show up in a loving way.

Initially our intention was to find her a home after her owners surrendered her. She came to stay with us to recoup from surgery and really almost right away we knew she would not leave our home. She was a big girl-106 pounds of love. She tried our patience with her stubbornness, but made us laugh with her funny behavior as well. In the end, she was a gift that we never expected.  Our house feels the absence of Hilda profoundly.

If I have learned anything from having dogs in my life is that they really are a gift. They give us so much and expect very little. They keep us present and connected  We are all better because of them. Truly!!!!!

Thank you Hilda for all the licks and nudges you gave to all of us these past years. You were tireless in your affection and love-what a blessing you were. Rest in peace sweet angel.

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