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July 11, 2013

America Today, Electronics, World Peace and Dogs in the News

How did dogs behave in your neighborhood and town while you were growing up? This is definitely an age-related question.  Whatever our age, we have all watched dog care, dog health, dog food, exercise and dog socialization become way more emphasized in the last 20 years. The general dog caretaker population used to think that daycare was a luxury. We all know that’s a myth!

Growing up in a Boston suburb in the 1960’s, there were quite a few dogs in my neighborhood.  They were all off leash, fed leftover people food, taken to the vet, maybe, once a year and rarely played together. Fast forward to owning 2 golden retrievers in the 1990’s;  we fed them pizza crusts, had a big fenced-in back yard where they played, and they went jogging with me off-leash near busy roads.  The male became aggressive towards other dogs at 11 months, we tried a trainer, but never followed through. That was the end of our walks and jogs. Even our dogwalkers just let them out in the yard.  Although totally smitten with them, I didn’t take the extra steps to assure them healthy food, exercise and socialization.

Because dog health and nutrition is a huge business today. we hear about dietary and allergy supplements, nontoxic flea and tick repellants and that rawhide can be a dangerous treat on a regular basis. We end up hanging around dog people, we discuss, compare and learn.  (yup, we need socialization too)  Adopt don’t shop, ban puppymills, the worst foods you can feed your dog, are all viral concepts that assure the dog population a longer, healthier life.

With no original intention, we are back to Crate Escape.  As employees, we are grateful to have the exposure to healthy dogs whose owners believe in exercise and socialization.  All of the items we sell are carefully selected, safe and healthy;  and we automatically learn from our surroundings.  We end up editing our choices, choosing healthy, safe lives for our dogs and telling other people what we believe in.  And so on, and so on.


Words from Ernie

Summertime, summertime, sumsumsummertime! OK, I know you are all dying to hear about my sister, Hilda (bull mastiff) at the beach.  She loves it! (of course, I told her if she caused any trouble during my vacation….)  She is still trying to figure out the waves;  I will keep you up to date. And Sunny (chihuahua) is in doggie joyland too, he loves the sun!  I am rounding up my pack at least once a day, telling them to do whatever they can to promote opening Crate Escape’s next dog daycare at the beach!  I just might win, you know!

Ernie's Favorite Time of Day

Later,  Ernestine





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