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June 8, 2011

‘Every doggie’s goin’ surfin’, Surfin USA!’

Let’s start with:

Do you think the dogs are having fun?

General News
Our bulletin boards at Crate and Raining (soon to be Crate Escape Too) have always been ‘interesting’ and ‘eclectic’. At Raining we had notice of a lost turtle posted; he was eventually found in the owners backyard after touring Huron Village for 6 months! We have rearranged and organized the boards to provide you with current, interesting information and lists of some local dog related businesses. (and of course the turtle would still be posted!) Check them out!

Crate Escape and Raining Cats and Dogs, soon to be Crate Escape Too
We HAVE to comment on all the wonderful puppies and dogs who have joined our daycare in the last few months! From a Great Dane puppy who grows before our eyes to lots of terrier and hound mixes (the trend these days!) our regular Crate Escape and RCD dogs love their new friends!

We barkingly request (Ernestine pawed off on this!)
1. With summer on the horizen and everyone’s schedule changing, we have had some days at Crate and Raining when we reached capacity. If you are not on a regular schedule, be sure to call 24 hours in advance to set up a reservation! 2. Starting on June 25th Raining will be closed on Saturdays for the summer. Daycare is available at Crate Escape- by reservation only! Be sure to call and give them a paws up! (617-489-9003)

Chews A Cause
Buddy Dog Humane Society is SOOOOO grateful for all of your donations! The first items we delivered to them were cleaning supplies and they were very excited – coincidentally they had just run out of bleach! Some of our customers have been interested in the dogs available for adoption which are posted on our bulletin boards. Thank you for participating in a great ‘kick off’ for our Chews a Cause program!

Holistic Chapter 5
We have been providing information on dog food over the last few months, the terms and promises can be so confusing!
What you should look for in a holistic diet for your pet:
** quality animal based protein sources that are antibiotic and hormone free. Ingredients are listed by weight. Fresh chicken includes the moisture (approximately 70% of it’s weight). Chicken meal does not contain moisture, it is cooked prior to being added into the kibble mix dehydrated chicken is fresh chicken with the moisture removed before being added to the kibble mix.
** whole grains; beware of ingredient panels that list three grain parts together as their total weight could add up to more than the animal protein (e.g. rice, rice bran and rice flour)
** quality fat sources and a good ‘omega fatty acid ratio’. Chicken fat, fish, borage oil, canola oil and coconut oil are all good sources of fat as long as they are cold processed.
** beware of diets that heavily market inclusion of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be fed fresh to maintain their vitamin and mineral integrity. Fruits and vegetables cooked at high temperatures (such as those used in kibble) are void of almost all of their vitamins and minerals.
** Pro-biotics & enzymes that are added to kibble diets are genetically modified to remain active. Once digested they replace what the body has already made on its own. Look for diets that use pre-biotics (such as inulin, sometimes derived from chicory or dried beet pulp). Pre-biotics encourage the body’s production of beneficial bacteria in the gut, rather than replacing them.
** grain free doesn’t mean carbohydrate free. Watch the ingredients on grain free diets that use large amounts of simple crbohydrates such as potaoes and tapioca. In a basic nutritional comparison, grains such as pearl millet or brown rice offer more nutrition and less insulin production production than a potato or tapioca.

The best advice when looking for your pet’s diet is to rely on common sense nutrition (what’s good for you is not always good for your pet) rather than what you have “learned” from marketing and packaging.

Happy tails and trails to you. Hooray for June!

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