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April 21, 2013

A Big Cheer from Ernestine, to our Customers and their Pups!

Words from Ernestine
I know you (Crate Escape people). You made an extra effort to take good care of us (canines) during the insanity of the last week. I have this to howl to you:


from my Mom and Dad for my 11th Birthday
Later, Ernestine

Charlestown Headline!

CE C'town Open on Saturday (8)

3 Easy Things You & Your Dog Can Do for the Planet
Our Earth Day 2013 Action Plan (it’s painless!)

Modern Dog Newsbite
Apr 18, 2013

#1 Detox your home. Our indoor air quality is sometimes five times as polluted as outdoor air quality. If you are using conventional cleaning products, you are exposing yourself and your family to a slew of cancer-causing chemicals.

#2 Go on a “plastic diet.” Choose dog toys made out of natural materials like wool, natural rubber, organic cotton, or hemp. Or a simple sniff test will suffice if you’re checking out plastic toys. Those made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) often stink and may have additives like lead, cadmium, or phthalates, a cheap plasticizer that disrupts hormones. Vinyl chloride is also a known human carcinogen.

#3 Dooty Duty. Switch to biodegradable and compostable poop bags. Better yet, the greenest option is to compost your dog poop, keeping it out of the landfill all together. For example, City of Vancouver dogs generate about 26,000 pounds of dog poop per year (!). For resources for building your own composter, plus more tips, read more here. Together we can make a difference!

Lastly, from Ernestine and Our Staff to our Wonderful Dogs and People

An extra hug, hand(paw)shake and belly rub. We love your dogs and we are honored to care for them. The craziness last week makes important things feel more important and your pups are at the top of our lists!
As dog lovers we share a deep sentiment, to give them the best possible care.
Later, Ernestine

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