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April 4, 2011

April Muddy Makes Us Nutty!

‘No more precip please!’ said Dog Caretakers across the greater Belmont/Cambridge area. We want dry, sunny walks! The smells of spring saturate the air and many of our pups are crazily excited, certainly prone to end up in the next puddle. Don’t forget, Crate has groomers. (this post didn’t start with that intention, but it is a logical conclusion, right?)

Crate Escape

Bradley was busy at work this weekend! Anyone who can tell us what is different in the Crate reception area gets a free treat from the display across from the front desk! And the party. Don’t forget the party! April 21st, 7-9pm. Our staff is looking forward to seeing you.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining is a very special daycare with very special people taking care of very special dogs and selling very special dog food. We want to make sure you know how important it is to select a dog food that not only satisfies your dogs’ appetite, but also provides nutrition to stimulate your dogs’ body, giving it the ability to heal and maintain itself. We invite you to talk to us about your dog’s nutrition; let us know what s/he is eating and if there are any issues you would like to address. Even if there are no visible symptoms that your dog is not doing well on a particular food (itching, loose stool, eating poop) it is definitely worth it to determine if s/he could do better on a more nutritious food, or one with less or healthier ingredients. We will continue this discussion in future blogs; or talk to us anytime!

Flea and Tick Prevention
Medications for flea and tick prevention are readily available for pets, but these products can be costly and contain harmful ingredients. The ingredients are often not only damaging to fleas and ticks, but also harmful to our pets. Instead, consider organic flea and tick treatments. Crate and Raining are currently carrying ‘Buggone’ made by Equinature, a company well known for their safe, preventative animal treatments. Buggone is a spray that protects your pets against disease spreading ticks and mosquitoes. We have Ark Naturals at Raining, which has been very popular with our customers. There is also a recipe on line for a simple preventative. Let’s stay away from those nasty chemicals!

Thanks for keeping up with us!

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