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April 26, 2011

“Barking in the rain, We’re barking in…” “…brings May..hmmm..treats?…ok, flowers.”

Ernestine barks ‘THANK YOU!’ to everyone who attended her 9th birthday party. She was thrilled to see all of her people together celebrating her! If you didn’t make the party, call us and set up a tour!

Chews A Cause
Help homeless pets by donating all dog stuff that you are not using to our new program, designed to help no-kill animal rescues and shelters. Look for the bins at Crate Escape and Raining Cats and Dogs which will be up by May 1st. We will select a shelter quarterly and give them the items collected within those three months. Our first shelter is Buddy Dog Humane Society, located in Sudbury. This local shelter has been helping homeless dogs find forever homes since 1976. It’s original purpose was to save stray dogs from destruction and laboratory experiments. (just an interesting fact..) Buddy Dog expanded it’s services to include cats in 1984.

Van Customers, Bark, Bark!
As of May 1st our van prices will be $10 one way and $15 round trip. We have special packages for dogs who come to daycare for a half or full day and use the van 3 days a week or more. You will find the rates under the ‘Rates’ category. Please make sure to let us know about any schedule changes 24 hours in advance. Questions? Nikki is glad to answer!

Crate Escape
I know, we can’t stop talking about Ernie’s birthday party! We were just so excited to show you our beautified facility and to give you the opportunity to talk to some of our fabulous pen attendants. They are the ones who watch your best friends all day, keeping them happy and safe.

Raining Cats and Dogs
Have you noticed your pooch is a little more tired coming home from daycare? New, energetic puppies (and some not-so-young) have joined our pack, keeping the dogs playing and pen attendants on their toes! To make sure the dogs keep up their feist (?), be sure to check out new treats we will soon add to our healthy assortment.

Back to our Holistic Food Discussion – What to look for in a holistic diet:
*First, quality animal based protein sources that are steroid, antibiotic and hormone free. Ingredients are listed by weight. Fresh chicken includes the moisture (approximately 70% of it’s weight); chicken MEAL does not contain moisture and is cooked prior to being added into the kibble mix, (good to know! didn’t we all think meal meant junk? not in dog food!) dehydrated chicken is fresh chicken with the moisture removed that has not been exposed to heat.
*Second, look for quality fat sources and a good Omega Fatty Acid Ratio. Chicken fat, fish oil and coconut oil are all good sources of fat.
*Natural preservatives surch as Vitamin E. Avoid foods that contain chemical preservatives such as BHT,BHA or Ethoxyquin.
*Beware of diets that heavily market inclusion of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables cooked at high temperatures (such as those used in kibble) provide nothing in the end, except for fiber and sugar. (SoJo’s is fine – freeze dried!)
*Grain free doesn’t mean carbohydrate free. Watch the ingredients on grain free diets that use large amounts of simple carbohydrates such as potatoes. In a basic nutritional comparison, grains such as oatmeal or brown rice offer more nutrition and less insulin production than a white potato.

The best advice when looking for your pet’s diet is to rely on common sense nutrition rather than what you have ‘learned’ from marketing and what packaging tells you.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Comments and suggestions welcome, to We’ll be back next week!

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