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April 13, 2011

Chews A Cause

Woof! Woof! We are SO excited about “Chews A Cause”, a new program we are launching to help Massachusetts rescue organizations and shelters. Donation bins will be set up at both Crate and Raining Cats and Dogs to gather any dog items that you don’t need or use anymore. We are switching shelters quarterly, so each will benefit from 3 months of our customer, employee and friends’ donations. The program will officially start at Ernestine’s 9th birthday party, next Thursday, April 21st. The first shelter will be Buddy Dog Humane Society, located in Sudbury, MA. They are a wonderful no kill shelter who will benefit greatly from our stuff! More info to follow!

Crate Escape

Even the dogs are confused! When they enter Crate, the treats, toys and dog food have moved around enough to surprise even the smartest canine! Design specialist, Stephanie and her talented side kick, Nikki have created an attractive and friendly ambience in the front desk area, as you enter the building. The beautiful white wall was selected for it’s design, to fancy up our warehouse facility and as part of the renovation which increased the size of 2 dog pens. Plus you don’t have to walk as far to drop off your pooch. And, while we are at the front desk, we must sincerely apologize for running out of our ‘doorway’ treats! They are on the way! If you ever want a tour of Crate, let us know and most of the time a staff person can escort you to see the pens.

Raining Cats and Dogs (soon to be Crate Escapetoo)

Ever since RCD opened it’s doors, the dog food we sell has been particularly carefully chosen. Brad and Stephanie’s criteria are basically organic or human grade ingredients, generally, the less the ingredients the better, the processing plant must make only one brand of dog food, and that facility must be in the USA. Dog caretakers are definitely becoming more savvy about what they feed their dogs; and the term ‘holistic’ is usually connected to nutritional food. Although there are no accepted standard definitions for holisitic, the holisitic approach is basically one that treats the whole animal, using nutrition to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. One of our most popular food lines is ‘Holistic Select’.

The principles of holistic health state that health is more than just not being sick. A common explanation is to view wellness along a line. The line represents all possible degrees of health. The far left end of the line represents premature death. On the far right end is the highest possible level of wellness. The center point of the line represents a lack of apparent disease. This places all levels of illness on the left half of the wellness line. The right half shows that even when no illness seems present, there is still room for improvement. Ruff, so much more to say! We will talk about what you should look for in a holistic diet next week!

If you are interested in hearing more about the Holistic Select line of dog food, check with our Staff; they are happy to assist!

AND – Join us in Celebration of Ernie’s 9th Birthday and Our Wonderful Customers! April 19th from 7-9 at Crate.

Happy Patriot’s Day weekend! Give your pups a big hug from us!

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