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April 18, 2014

Countdown to Ernie’s 12th B’day, Almost April Stools! Yikes! Ticks Already? Fun Training with Elsa Larsen!

OK, You Can Officially Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!

On Monday, April 21st I will celebrate my 12th birthday. As much as I joke about my role as Top Dog, and how I do everything at all 3 Crates, a great part of my life has been about Crate Escape. I truly am the one who caused Brad and Stephanie to think about opening a dog business. They had dogs before me, but they say I am the super most specialist dog they have ever known.

This week, join me in applauding Crate Escape’s 10 years in business. We cannot thank you enough for your dogs, friendship and business.


Later,  Ernestine

Three Reasons You Want to Attend April Stools

** A great chance to meet other responsible dog people, who value the cleanliness of the places they take their dogs to play.

** April 26th is in Somerville, if you would like us to schedule a clean up in your favorite dog park, let us know!

**  Find an April Stool and you win a prize!

spring fling1



Believe it or not, it’s TICK time already!

We have heard many reports that woodland areas and the surrounding land is crazy with ticks as of early April. We address this every year, and our overall viewpoint and recommendations are to go as natural as possible when choosing a tick repellent.

Dr. Karen Becker has become well known and regarded for online explanations and remedies for dog ailments. She is a proactive Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is also trained in homeopathy and acupuncture. Here is her take on ticks and how to best treat them.

‘In April of last year, the EPA issued an advisory about “spot-on” chemical pesticide products. These are products applied to the neck or back of dogs and cats as a flea and tick preventive.

The advisory was issued due to a significant increase in reported adverse reactions – everything from mild skin irritation to seizures and death. In 2008, over 44,000 reactions presumed to be tied to spot-on products were reported by pet owners, veterinarians, and other animal caretakers.

And the 44,000 reported incidents in 2008 was a significant jump from the 28,000 the prior year, and included 600 deaths.

 In my opinion, the risks of these products are simply too great to warrant their routine (monthly) use. I encourage dog and cat owners to avoid these pesticides in favor of safer, more natural alternatives.’

I strongly believe in using a more natural pest repellent formula combined with a regimen of daily grooming and nose-to-tail body checks of your favorite furry friend.

And speaking of body checks …

There is one thing I cannot stress enough. No matter what pest control solution you use, you must examine your pet daily, particularly for ticks. Even if you’re applying some of the harshest chemical solutions on the market (which I don’t recommend), your pets can still wind up with little blood suckers embedded in their coat and skin.

I realize this is not what most pet owners want to hear … but I’ve seen it all too often in my practice regardless of what repellent is used.’

The Crate Escapes have several different tick repellents.  Any of our staff will explain the benefits of each product.


Your Dog Can Do What??!!

Elsa Larsen has an amazing history in dog training. She began her career in the field as a volunteer for the Assistance Dog Institute in Santa Rosa, California — a unique program that engaged incarcerated youth in the care and training of dogs to assist people with disabilities. In June 2000, Elsa moved to Maine to start My Wonderful Dog – Maine’s only non profit dedicated to the training and placement of dogs for the disabled. In 2008, My Wonderful Dog closed the non profit, but Elsa continues to bring her training skills to dogs and their people. Recently she expanded her services to the Boston area.

She will be holding a six week course at Crate Escape, designed to teach your dog fun and practical tricks including:

  • How to open a drawer or door
  • How to retrieve items such as a pencil or wallet
  • How to turn on a light switch
  • How to pick up his/her toys and put them away.

Cost:  $165

Dates:  Saturdays, May 3 – June 21, 2014 (no class May 24 or June 7)

Times:  Choose either 11am – 12pm or 12:15pm – 1:15 class.

Location:  Crate Escape, 30 Brighton St. Belmont, MA.

For more information please visit:

















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