COVID-19 Protocol


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has recently supplied businesses with specific criteria to abide by during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These are the guidelines we put in place for our staff and clients.



Do not report to work or enter any Crate Escape facility if you experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.


Social Distancing

Every employee at all times must keep a minimum of 6ft distance from other staff and clients. All clients are asked to enter the facility one at a time, making shopping and pick up and drop offs socially distant.


Masks and Gloves

Every employee must wear a mask while working, masks can be removed while on break and alone in the break room.  Gloves also must be worn under the same guidelines as masks.  We are also requiring our clients to wear masks during pick up and drop off.


Temperature Readings

All staff entering the facility at the start of their shift must see the front desk for a temperature reading. Hand washing breaks and sanitizing stations: staff should be washing hands frequently during their shift. On top of your 30 and 15-minute breaks, a manager will come by to relive you to wash frequently.  Please see your supervisor if you need additional hand washing times. All clients should use our hand sanitizing stations at entry and exit.


Please contact your local Crate Escape facility for COVID-19 business hours adjustments and our paperless, contactless trial information.


We encourage clients who need to shop for their pet to email us directly and we can put items aside for a quick pick up or deliver directly to your doorstep.


Cleaning Protocols

Before COVID-19 our usual daily cleaning included disinfecting the entire facility with our veterinary grade sanitizer.  We are continuing to do this and adding additional measures by wiping surfaces and sanitizing door handles more frequently.  It is of most importance to us to offer a clean, sanitized facility to our clients and staff.