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August 21, 2013

Crate Escape Back At Sowa! Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to Busy Fall Season, Senior Dog Month

Hooray for the black dogs and the larger dogs who prefer their nights cooler, and their morning walks not as humid! Our blog starts with Brian Davis, President of som|dog, with suggestions how to anticipate and deal with your dog’s behavior during the busier fall season.
Next, because ‘August is Adopt a Senior Dog’ month, we share the benefits of adopting senior dogs. This month there has been so much buzz about the reasons people surrender their dogs to shelters. Here are a few from a shelter volunteer who regularly has 3-500 emails, many asking for last minute help in placing their dogs in new homes:

  • Families moving the next day; waiting until 5 pm the night before to find a new home for their dogs.
  • People saying they are allergic and the dog must go right now.
  • Complaining that their dog is getting old and they just don’t want him/her.
  • Complaining that their dog is not who s/he used to be, can’t hear or see.

It is not realistic to ask all our readers to adopt senior dogs.  But you may be able to think of someone who might consider fostering or adopting, spread the word to her, and ask her to keep the communication/ education going.  That simple conversation can create a space for another dog to be rescued and another life saved.

And! Crate Escape will be back at Sowa, the huge Open Market held every Sunday in September from 10am – 4pm, at 460 Harrison Ave. in the South End! It’s fabulous, many different items for sale, lots of good food, VISIT US! Bring your friends and your dogs. We are in the Farmer’s Market section!

The Scoop, Monthly Newsletter from som|dog

Brian Davis, President

September is right around the corner and fall brings about lots of changes. The kids go back to school, and our schedules become more hectic, and very often we’re away from home for longer hours than we are during the summer. This change in routine can cause your dog to suffer from separation anxiety or depression and all of a sudden your perfect dog isn’t acting so perfect anymore.

As pet parents we know that training is an ongoing process. As they age into adolescents or into their adult years, their behaviors, fears and needs change. When this happens, “back-to-school” might not be a bad idea for your pup too.

You can do it yourself by looking up new tricks that offer step by step instructions on YouTube, or practice clicker and reward training at home. There are also a lot of fun classes like nose work, agility and disc dog that will work on their impulse control and overall commands. Or consider working with an obedience trainer to finally master loose leash walking or break bad habits like counter surfing or jumping up on guests that enter your home (just in time for the holidays!).

Brushing up on obedience will offer your pup mental stimulation and also provide some one-on-one time for you and your dog.

Happy bonding!

Celebrating Senior Pet Month:  The Benefits of Owning an Older Pet

Blog Paws, Robbi Hess

Aaahhhh that “new puppy smell.” Along with that comes the almost constant trips outside to teach them that potty is to be done in the grass, not on the carpet. Then you may have to deal with, “did you chew another pair of shoes?” or, “Don’t scratch the furniture when the scratching post is right there!” Along with the joys of owning a puppy, kitten or other young pet of any breed comes the task of making her a well-mannered member of the family.

If you’re craving the love and affection of a pet but aren’t certain you’re up to “raising a child” again,adopting an older pet may be the answer. Also, when you consider that shelters are overflowing with older pets in need of loving homes, it makes even more sense.

Here are seven top reasons to adopt an older/senior pet:

  • In many cases, older pets are more well-mannered than their younger counterparts. They have likely been a member of a family before and understand what it takes to be a great family pet.
  • When you adopt an older pet you know just how big he’s going to get. Remember the time you adopted a tiny dog that “grew into its paws” and ended up weighing close to 75 pounds when you were assured that both parents were only 20? Your seniorpet has reached her full size — no surprises!
  • If you adopt an older pet that has some behavior issues, they are typically easier to train than a younger dog. Puppies are easily distracted, whereas an older dog has the ability to stay with a task and learns easily.
  • Even if you are in search of a specific breed of cat or dog, chances are you can find a rescue group that has many of them available and in search of a loving home.
  • If you have an elderly friend or relative in search of a pet, an older pet is likely the best way to go. An older pet will typically be calmer and will require fewer trips out to visit Mother Nature because he will usually indicate when he has to go out, unlike puppies whose usual sign of needing to relieve himself is getting into the squat position!
  • Most senior pets aren’t wild bundles of energy. If you’re looking for a companion to take leisurely strolls with or cuddle up on the couch on a weekend, a senior pet is a great idea.
  • It’s uncanny, but people who have adopted a senior pet say they feel the pet understood their new owner was his savior and a bond between the two forms quickly. The devotion shown by an older pet to his new owner and the attention the pet pays is heartwarming.

Words from Our Iconic Founder

We have been back from vacation for over a week and I am settling in. I had trouble the first few days taking walks around the neighborhood; it is so BORING compared to running full speed down the beach chasing birds.  My chihuahua brother, Sunny, faked being sick, thinking they would feel bad for him and take him back to the beach.  Honestly though, in my 11 people years, I have learned that, I am the one who has to train you guys to live in the moment– I do it naturally!!  Glad to be back with my peeps!

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Later,  Ernestine

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