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November 15, 2012

Crate Escape Belmont Moving Across Blanchard Rd. to Hittinger St! Crate Escape Charlestown; Boston Dogs, Here We Come!

The two biggest holiday presents EVER!!
Crate Escape Belmont is packing for the move directly across Blanchard St. to the brick building on the corner of Hittinger St. Construction is going just fine, thank you… we can’t wait for the big move.

New Crate Escape is Brick Building in Back. Recognize?

Our new! Crate Escape Charlestown at 200 Terminal St. is fabulous space, perfect for our daycare, overnight, grooming, and retail section needs! The holidays are a perfect time for our 3rd Crate to come together- adding to the excitement to the season! Scheduled to open mid- December!

BEAUTIFUL!! Outside Space in Charlestown!! Who knew!

Spread the Word!
We will love it if you tell your dog loving friends who live in Boston that Crate Escape is opening in Charlestown. Here’s an easy method:
Send emails to your Boston friends telling them about Charlestown Crate and how much your dog LOVES going to daycare. Ask them to forward the email to . We will then have your name as the referrer, who gets a free day of daycare if your referral becomes part of our pack; and your friends email, to contact them about Charlestown Crate details!

Win, Win!!

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A Word from our Rover Reporter
It’s good to sit down for a few minutes, even though I have to type with my dew claws. Snoopy was a one in a trillion for his typing skills! Anyway, both projects, Hittinger St, Belmont and the new Charlestown Crate, are coming together splendidly. Mostly because of me being in charge and chasing workers around, snapping at their calves if they don’t move fast enough! With the holidays coming up, a great present for your Boston doglover friends is to tell them about Charlestown Crate! I will make sure we have lots of gift certificates! (not used to being a salesdog, but SO excited about our upcoming openings!)

Later, Ernestine

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