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July 11, 2011

Crate Escape too!! Can’t wait to see you!

(almost officially!) Crate Escape too
The renovation is underway! The Crate Escape too gang is busy at the original Crate Escape, taking care of the Crate Escape too dogs, and eagerly awaiting their new store. New paint, new floor, expanded daycare and lots more new. We’ll keep you informed. (maybe you should wait to tell your pooch, so s/he doesn’t get too excited… but then they live in the moment so… hmm….. we’ll leave it up to you.) Big thanks to all of our wonderful customers for taking their dogs the extra mile.

Crate Escape
No summer lulls for Papa Crate this summer. Since we are (gladly!) entertaining the Crate Escape too pups, the combined packs are all about exercising and socializing it up. It is great to work with the Crate Escape too staff and have everyone get to know everyone, canines and people.

More Summer Safety
The number of lost and missing dogs increases drastically during the summer. Be sure your dog wears his identification tags whenever s/he goes outside. If your place of residence has lots of coming and going, it is best to leave the tags on at all times. There are so many tragic stories of something happening ‘just once’ and having awful consequences.

On A More Personal Note
We do an awesome job caring for your pets once they are in daycare. It is up to you to get them to us safely. Recently, a dog being dropped off at Crate, was off leash; in a split second, she just jumped out of her owner’s car and took off.
Thank you.

Checking in with Ernestine
Whoopee! I was at the beach last week! Had a blast chasing birds and swimming. Think I’ll go lie on my porch and think about the waves and the seagulls! My advice for all of you city folk is to get out, go swimming and have fun!
Later –

The good life. Ernie and Emmitt

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