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February 12, 2011

Crate Nation Renovation!

Our business has always been based on one primary question, ‘What is best for the dogs?’ We have been following the physical progress of the Crate renovation on this blog; now it is time to talk about the benefits for you and your pooch.

Just a bit of history (explained more fully under ‘About Us’ on the website.) Our dog daycare started off at Raining in Cambridge. When there were too many dogs for the space, Crate-Escape opened. As we move forward, we take full advantage of our daily experiences. Each day our employees work with the dogs; gaining experience and knowledge about dog behaviors and personalities. That information is then discussed, processed and applied to our daycare routines and policies. Now, 6 years later we really shine in the dog daycare business. We have that many years of experience derived from many dogs over the years.

Crate-Escape operates like clock work. If sometimes you have to wait a few minutes to drop your dog off or pick him up, it is because the majority of employees are taking care of the dogs. Throughout the day, as dogs arrive, we keep unwavering eyes on what is going on with each dog and what is best for him. All leading up to the recent renovation which added a new pen, providing more flexibility i.e. more fun for the pooches! The new pen is located where the front desk used to be.

It is part of our policy not to encourage dog caretakers to watch their dogs in the pens. As you know, many of our dogs are excitable and playful; each time a dog enters the pack, the group adjusts to the new dog’s temperment and degree of alpha or submission. As each dog assumes his place , the pack hierarchy reconfigures and settles down and the dogs go back to running or jumping or finishing conversations. If owners were to disturb that process as they dropped off or picked up their dogs, there would be little time left for socialization and exercise. You are always welcome to talk to Nikki or Lauren about visiting the back pens.

Raining Cats and Dogs
Huron Village is up in arms! Plow those towering snow banks. Please know that we feel your pain and we are doing all we can to resolve it! And a big tail wag to our new customers. Lots of new puppies to join the play groups!

Save the date!
We are barkingly excited about announcing the date for the Crate-Escape New Look Celebration! and to thank you for your business. We welcome questions about your dog’s food, health, etc. and our daycare! The magic date is: April 21st ERNESTINES’S 9TH BIRTHDAY! What could be better! Ernie said to tell you she will be there, in all her terrier glory to meet you. And she is supposed to be working, but if you want to play some ball……

Ernie also says she’s tight with Punxsutawney Phil so she can tell him how much we need the spring so she can see in directions other than forward! We’re with you Ernie!

Have a great week!

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