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November 2, 2010

Crate or Raining (Crate Escape Too), Where should my dog play?

The answer is simple; where s/he will have the most fun! We always put the dogs first in our decisions and the guidelines for where your dog is best suited have basically ‘evolved’.  A brief history will shed some light. Raining Cats and Dogs was originally a retail pet store. After a few months of operation the owners, Brad and Stephanie, had many customers who were looking for dog play groups or daycare, for socialization and entertainment while parents work. Raining started a daycare shortly thereafter. Located in Huron Village, Cambridge, Raining (Crate Escape Too) is a very cute space with 1 dog pen and a dog door to an outside yard. Fast forward a little more and Raining was jam packed! It became obvious more space was needed, so Brad and Stephanie went a’looking for lots of ROOM, and found Crate Escape on the Belmont/Cambridge line. Thus the ‘small’ (35 lbs and under) and low energy dogs go to Raining (Crate Escape Too) and the larger, feisty dogs go to Crate to frolic in 9,000 sf of fun space. Up until a year and 1/2 ago, Raining took large breed puppies until they were too big or too energetic for the smaller space; when they transferred to Crate.  Currently, larger puppies start right away at Crate so there is no transition time for dogs and owners. Sometimes at Raining we start a puppy in daycare, thinking s/he will have fun in the smaller space only to realize a few months later that the dog can run laps around our group, so off to Crate s/he goes. Thus, our happy packs!

Great Food, Human Grade Ingredients, We have it all!

Can’t help but mention again what great food lines we carry. If your dog has allergies or a sensitive stomach, or came to you on P_ r_ _na,  come see us and we can help you transition to a healthy, well rounded diet for your pooch. We have many different proteins, grain free, freeze dried, raw diet, you name it!  Who doesn’t want their pet to live as long as possible? Feed him/her well, address medical or questionable issues as they come up and of course, bring your dog to daycare! (haha)

Crate and Raining Renovation/Redesign Updates

Crate keeps moving on towards her new look and expansion. Most likely the overnight accommodations and the grooming room will be ready to go first! We’ll let you know!

Raining is working on stocking up for the holidays and morphing into a boutiquey environ. Check in with us often to see what’s happening!

Thanks for reading, give us a look next week!

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