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May 6, 2013

Did You Know Crate Escape Charlestown is at the Charlestown Maritime Center??

Crate Escape Charlestown hosted the Chamber of Commerce ‘Night Out’ on April 30th. (see next post). Talking to Chamber members, we learned some very important facts about our location and why people have trouble finding 200 Terminal St.
Firstly, Terminal St. is not shown on many Boston maps. Simply because there wasn’t a lot to find in the area. The Autoport, where people go to have their cars inspected is the most well know landmark. Progressively, the area is growing FAST! One building that has drawn many Charlestown and Boston people is 50 Terminal St. In fact, people now think that 50 Terminal St. IS Terminal St. (are you still with me?) So, when we give the address, 200 Terminal, many automatically think, 50 Terminal St, Suite 200! We have street maps, photo maps, written directions… now we need, ‘NOT 50 Terminal St’ directions!

Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, Night Out’
We were thrilled to be able to host this monthly gathering at Charlestown Crate. the Chamber board is new as of January 1st, and they are ‘hot to trot’ (or.. hmm.. ‘ready to run’ in dog language) to inform businesses what a great location C’town is to develop or relocate. It is, no doubt, the new Fort Point, Southie area; up and coming is an understatement! The Chamber is dedicated to helping new businesses grow and prosper. It is evident in their interest, friendliness, oh and ok, their temperament! Put them in the ‘chatty pen’!
Thanks, Chamber, we look forward to building C’town with you!

New Facebook Pages
OK, so we have been a little slow in getting going with our social media. Y’know, we respond to what the dogs want first and foremost and THEY never mentioned facebook and twitter. Although, they are now. Many canines have their own pages and way more friends than we creatures with thumbs do.
We are creating separate pages for Crate Escape too and Charlestown. C’town is up and running with 122 likes already in 1 week! Little Crate had some operational snafus, so it will be coming soon. ‘Like’ us and tell your friends! Charlestown still needs all the help we can get spreading the word. (But– look out Belmont! We aren’t that far behind!)

Words from Our 11 Year Old Princess
Did you see my birthday video? My Mom made it and it’s all about ME! So, I am back in Charlestown. There are just not enough dogs coming to the daycare I founded!(and built!) It is such a wonderful facility, I love working there.
Oh! did I tell you about my new (foster?) sister? She tries to get in my bed!
About the photos; I am big, because I am beautiful. Hildy is big because she is BIG!
The blue ball is out again!

ernie derby bonnet

Hilda standing-001

Later, Ernestine

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