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September 28, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs (Heaven!)

What’s up at Crate-Escape?

New changes every day!  Walls painted and the most exciting recent change is a ‘do over’ of the overnight room. Our goal is always to send you off with complete comfort and assurance your dog is in the best hands; there is no need to worry! Now, in addition we offer more space, NEW CUSHY BEDS, and a flat screen TV.  The apartment is totally safe (of course), with access to an outside bathroom.  We promise  you that we are making your dogs happy, and when they are happy, you are happy!  Win, Win, Win!

RCD Happenings

Good News! So, we have all been holding our breath, waiting to hear when the RCD renovation would start. As you probably know, that is the million dollar question! (or maybe not quite a million!)  Summer has passed and we retail folks are looking ahead to the holidays! OK, let your breath out! Raining will be starting her ‘makeover’ in April of 2011!  Which is great, because now we can focus on introducing a new food line (info to follow!), getting some fun holiday toys, pulling out our signature Teckle-Club doggie jackets (ooo, so warm!) and our Fair Trade hand knitted dog sweaters and enjoying a beautiful fall in Huron Village, Cambridge!

Daycare Reminders

Boarding our daycare dogs: We invite all of our daycare dogs to stay with us for overnights after they have been coming for awhile and settled in. If you have scheduled an overnight for your dog, be sure to drop him/her off before 2pm. This assures your dog will have play time leading up to dinner and the sleepover which puts all of the dogs on a similar schedule.

Timely dog pickup – A quick reminder that RCD closes at 6pm, Monday – Friday and Crate-Escape at 6:30. We appreciate your being on time to get your dogs!

New Dog Food at Crate and RCD

In keeping with our reputation we proudly announce the arrival of:

Dr. Harvey’s Dog Food

Almost 30 years ago, Dr. Harvey Cohen began to have serious doubts about commercial pet foods. As a nutritionist and animal lover, Dr. Harvey, began to lecture to all who would listen about the dangers of chemicals, dyes and preservatives that were being put into pet foods and fed to dogs, cats and birds.

At about the same time in, his human practice in New York City, he began to hear from his patients of case after case of cancer, kidney disease, allergies and many other degenerative diseases in their pets.He began to research the reasons for this overwhelming rise of disease in companion animals and came to believe that the foods that we feed our pets are ultimately the key to their good health. Dr. Harvey believes now what he believed then, that “health begins in the kitchen” and that feeding companion animals pet food made from chemical laden and inferior quality ingredients is the number one reason for the rise in degenerative diseases in companion animals.

In 1980, very few people were aware of the devastating effects of commercial pet foods, but as awareness grew about the importance of nutrition as related to health and the dangers of chemical additives, dyes and preservatives, more and more people began to listen to Dr. Harvey’s message.

Indeed, the pet industry has changed in those 30 years, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon espousing the benefits of natural pet foods, but very few of these companies actually provide a truly natural diet.
Dr. Harvey still believes that preparing fresh meals for your companions is absolutely essential to good health. He believes that no matter how good a kibble or canned food may be, it is still a kibbled or canned food and processed in a way that is inferior to a freshly prepared meal.

Thanks for visiting us! Check us out after October 4th to get the latest scoop!

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