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February 11, 2013

Honestly, It is still really mostly about Charlestown! Charlestown! Charlestown!

So much is going on at our newly opened, 3rd Crate Escape.. in truth it is nothing unusual, just getting the daycare, boarding and grooming up and running. We talked to SO MANY dog people in Charlestown and Boston neighborhoods before we opened, that, in our dreams, they would have been gathered at the door the first day. (like Costco). Truth has it that we are picking up a few dogs each day. The van started service last Monday. Rich, our wonderful driver from Belmont has taken the wheel for Boston dogs.

AND! Bridgett is Now in Charlestown as Pen Manager. WOOF
Bridgett, has been with Crate Escape for close to 6 years. While we grew, she continued to find the best place for each new dog. Her work ethic and her ability to place dogs where they will get the most out of daycare, to give them the greatest experience, has been huge for Belmont Crate. Charlestown is thrilled to have her!
The photo below could not be more perfect. She loves hounds! and Monte loves her!

Here are more photos with DOGS!

Dogs having fun!

Charlestown Outdoors!

Crate Escape too Refresher!
We asked Manager Vanessa for news about our charming Little Crate in Huron Village, Cambridge. She replied that just because you have been to Belmont or Charlestown, doesn’t mean you know all about Crate Escape. Crate Escape too, the first Crate, has a comfortable indoor pen complete with cubbies to play in and out of and a futon, where dogs can hang out with their friends. The outdoor space is a small backyard, with a playground slide! The ambiance is very special. Every canine visitor gets a treat and a smile. (rumor has it there is some new artwork around Valentine’s Day on the windows… we will check it out and get back to you! Here is our decor last year:

Crate Escape Belmont

Words from Ernestine
I like to dig. If there is a treat at the bottom of the hole, that is great, but with this snow, the holes don’t have bottoms! I am lucky not to fall in! We had a warm, relaxing weekend… but my brother Sundance, all 5lbs of him, freaked out when the front door opened on Saturday morning. Guessing many of you felt the same. What I am leading up to, is my new, foster sister Hilda. She is staying with us and we are (kind of) helping her find a new home. She is a BIG addition. She loves my brother Emmitt. Sunny chihuahua, barks in her face if she gets too close; she listens. My Dad says she is a precious, beautiful girl. ok, just because she equals 5X each of us…. we will be nice.

oh yea, here’s Hilda;

SEE! I’m bigger.
Later, Ernestine

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