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October 14, 2010

In all seriousness-

Crate-Escape What’s up?

Crate is well into her renovations and will soon share the expansion with our fabulous customers.  Stay tuned! You will be the first to know!

Raining Cats and Dogs (Crate-Escape Too)

Is busy ordering those new treats, collars, jackets and sweaters to properly welcome the fall season!

Back to our blog title,  In all seriousness-

who is easier to talk with than a fellow animal lover? There is an immediate bond and an endless repertoire of subjects to cover.  This week we have a couple of dog-themed stories to share with you:

Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

Looking for a new dog? Don’t shop, adopt! Join the American Humane Association this October in celebrating Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Participate by finding your new best friend at an animal shelter or a breed-rescue group. American Humane works year-round to support animal welfare organizations, promote adoptions and enhance the bond that people share with their companion animals. During Adopt-A-Dog Month, American Humane provides shelters with the tools and resources needed to foster connections between people and pets. For more information, visit Pass this on to a friend!

In all honesty, this is the situation-

The best of intentions too often collide with harsh reality. Such is the case for a no-kill animal sanctuary in Roseland, LA that is bursting at the seams with homeless dogs.

Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary describes itself as a no-kill shelter for homeless, abandoned or abused dogs. Dogs are admitted without regard to age, breed, or adoptability and given a loving place to live for as long as it takes to find a forever home. This mission statement is no longer possible in light of a harsh ultimatum issued by the local animal control.

Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary has been given grim orders by the Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control – rehome 15 dogs each month, or animal control will confiscate 15 dogs each month, until the sanctuary is down to 100 dogs. The dogs that are confiscated will most likely be put down by animal control.

Right now, the sanctuary is housing 220 dogs. According to owner, John Thornton, only 7 dogs per year are typically adopted out. Obviously, reaching animal control’s target is going to be difficult, if not impossible, unless other rescues step in to help.

But the reality is that there are too many un-wanted dogs (and cats). There are too many unwanted puppies born and there are too many dogs surrendered by owners who aren’t committed to them.

While changes can (and should) be made at shelters to help with animal placements, the underlying problem of too many unwanted puppies, combined with the tremendous number of un-commmitted owners, must be addressed.

The crisis at Raven Woods is not new or far away. It is closer than you think.

Interested individuals can reach out to Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary by visiting their facebook page or phoning them at: 985-474-4900.

Dogs at this sanctuary need to find foster homes or adoptive families soon. If you can help, please contact the rescue as soon as possible. If you are not able to help directly, please take a moment to post this article to your Facebook profile, email to friends and family and give it a Tweet. The more it is circulated, the better the odds are for the dogs to be saved.

Thanks for reading.

Daycare Reminders:

Topical flea/tick products

Crate and RCD rules: Apply only on weekends!  It is important to remember that this liquid is toxic to dogs and humans. For the treatment to work, you must follow the directions that come with the product.  These include, not touching the area for several hours so that it can dry on the dog, and letting it set for 48 hours without being disturbed,  This above treatment is not possible to follow during the week if your dog is coming to daycare.  It is important for your dog, the other dogs at d/c and our employees that this rule is adhered to. In the best interest of us all!


Crate-Escape and RCD require your dog is current on 3 vaccinations, rabies, distemper and bordatella. We must have written proof that all dogs’ vaccinations are up to date. The easiest way to do this is to ask your vet to fax a copy to Crate (617-489-9002) or RCD (617-354-9003) while you are still at the office. Or you may ask them to make a copy and drop it off with your dog the next time you are at daycare. PLEASE remember to get us a copy of the new expiration dates! It is vital to our business and your dog’s safey.

Weekend Daycare and Overnight Dog Pick-Up and Drop-Off

As always, in the interest of best accommodating your pooch, the following will apply going forward.

1. Raining is open every Saturday for retail and daycare. Crate dogs are welcome to come for the day. Raining is never open on Sundays.

2. Crate will be open to for daycare on some Saturdays, definitely holiday weekends. Please call Crate on Thursday or Friday if you want to bring your dog to daycare on Saturday and Crate will tell you if they are open.

3. Saturday Overnight dog drop-offs and pick-ups: Please call us before you arrive to confirm your arrangements.  Sunday drop-offs and pick-ups will always be at Crate.

Thank you

for checking in with us.  Questions and comments always welcome!

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