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June 22, 2014

It’s All About Summer!! How to Keep Your Dog Safe around Water & Make a Safety Kit for your Pooch!

Editor Ernestine

It’s very interesting that no one has mentioned the beach to me this year. I think it is getting close– but they must be afraid to say the word because I will think they mean NOW! which, I admit, causes crazy behavior.
If your dog is lucky enough to go to the beach, cautions must be taken to keep her out of danger. I have listed helpful tips below.

It’s a great idea to be ready for any unpredicted mishaps.. Putting together the dog safety kit described below, will supply convenience.

And! Thursday, June 26th, from 6pm – 8pm, join us in the yard at Belmont Crate Escape for our 1st cookout – ‘Franks for your Business!!” Two and four legged friends invited!

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Later, Ernestine

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water This Summer

from Dogster

Thousands of pets die annually by drowning; here’s what to know at the beach or at the pool.

Summer is finally here, and many of us love spending our weekends near the water. There is no better way to beat the heat, have some fun, and really enjoy our dogs.

What most dog owners don’t realize is that each year, thousands of pets die in drowning accidents, and anything that can harm you at the beach can also harm your dog. High temperatures, sunburn, riptides, sharp shells or broken glass, jellyfish, and aggressive dogs are all potential hazards to help your dog avoid.

lab on beach

Here are some tips to safeguard your dog for a fun-filled summer near the water:

1. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Hairless breeds; short-coated, light-colored dogs; and dogs with pink noses are more prone to getting sunburn. You can find sunscreen specifically formulated for pets at most pet stores or online. Make sure not to use sunscreen that contains zinc, as it can be toxic to dogs if ingested. To avoid licking, avoid sunscreens with fragrance.

2. Make sure your dog has great recall

Make sure your dog has a firm grasp of the recall command before you allow him to go off-leash near any body of water. This means your dog comes to you when you call him, every single time.


3. Offer plenty of fresh water

Sun, sand, and saltwater are a delight for your dog’s senses, but they can leave him with a nasty beach hangover. Discourage your dog from drinking seawater by offering fresh, cool water often and by removing him from the ocean if you see him drink it. Seawater can irritate a dog’s stomach and cause vomiting; it’s also very dehydrating. A freshwater rinse immediately after the beach will help keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy.


4. Make sure you know and understand ocean conditions

Unless your dog knows how to hang ten on a surfboard, chances are he isn’t on the lookout for the perfect wave. Make sure you are aware of rip currents and undertows.


5. Get him a life preserver if you’re sailing

Going for a leisurely cruise on the lake or along the bay? Bring your furry friend along, just make sure he has a life preserver vest and a secure area away from the edge of the boat to keep safe in rough waters.

6. Think like a dog around swimming pools

Even dogs who are seasoned swimmers can get into trouble around pools. Dogs don’t automatically know where the stairs are in a pool. So if they jump or fall in, their instinct is to swim to the nearest edge and tread water. If no one is there to redirect them or lift them out, they’ll struggle to tread water until they are exhausted and can drown.


How to Create a Summer Safety Kit for your Dog

Wouldn’t it be great to be ready for any surprise summer might throw your dog’s way? From mosquito bites and tick attacks to sunburn, summertime has its own particular hazards for dogs, but happily those hazards are preventable — provided you’ve got the right gear.

Whether you’re planning a staycation with your dog, an afternoon pup picnic at a local park, a weekend at a beach or mountain resort, a daylong hike, or a weekend camping trip in the woods, here’s a checklist of things to bring with you in a handy little travel-necessities kit (plus, for the fashion hounds among you, some suitably stylish suggestions for what to carry them in).

1. Pet-Safe Sunscreen

Dogs can get sunburn too, so prevent this unfortunate occurrence by applying a children’s sun-protection product with a minimum SPF of 15 to hairless areas (especially the snout and inner thighs), and make sure the product you choose contains no zinc oxide. This common ingredient of sunscreen is toxic to dogs if licked (and it’s not great for human health, either, especially for kids). Look for sunscreen made with botanical ingredients; Jason is a great brand for pets and


2. Pest Prevention

Protect against pests with nontoxic neem oil, the brilliant biopesticide that prevents fleas, mosquitos, and other flying menaces from coming near you or your dog. Neem is also effective at treating any type of temperature or chemical burn, which makes it perfect for soothing a sunburn.

If you or Spot forgot your sunscreen (see above), and you happen to fall asleep out there and sustain a sunburn, apply neem for immediate relief. If you’re camping or picnicking, sprinkle a few drops on the ground near your tent or blanket. A one-ounce bottle of neem oil is a must for any summer travel kit; it’s even correctly sized for air travel.

3. Tick Attack

There are several non toxic tick prevention sprays and wipes that can be applied prior to going out. Reapply when your dog gets wet.

Even neem is no match for those dangerous, disease-spreading bloodsuckers. To arm Spot against ticks, you’ll need to pack up a few teaspoons of diatomaceous earth in a small receptacle, like a travel-size three-ounce plastic bottle or small zip-lock bag. Just a few teaspoons of this nontoxic white powder, massaged through the coat down to the skin, is enough to keep Spot protected from disease-carrying ticks. (The powder actually desiccates the tick’s exoskeleton, killing it.) When your dog gets wet, dry him off and reapply.


4. Fido First Aid

In case a marauding tick does attach itself to your dog or you, you’ll need a travel-size bottle of vodka (seriously!) and a pair of tweezers in your kit. Here’s how this works: Splash on a bit of vodka to stun the varmint (a plus: The alcohol will also disinfect the area, and vodka doesn’t have that whisker-irritating smell that rubbing alcohol has). Then tweeze off the tick, taking care to get the whole tick and nothing but the tick.

5. Drinks on the Run

Dehydration is no fun for Fido, and you’d be surprised how quickly your dog will get thirsty, whether you’re out and about in the city or the country. So bring along a lightweight, collapsible dog bowl for handy hound hydration. Whether you draw water from a drinking fountain or a plastic bottle, you’ll have a receptacle at the ready any time you notice Spot’s tongue looking extra long.


6. Stow and Go

So, what to pack all this stuff in? That depends on where you’re going and the size and strength of your dog. Forego the fanny pack. If you and your miniature pup are headed for a swank, dog-friendly hotel or a day of shopping at fancy stores and dining at an outdoor cafe, Crypton makes moisture-proof cosmetic bags for fashion hounds, which are just right for stylish stowage in your purse. But if your medium-to-large dog is up for carrying duty, the aptly named Doodie Pack is your ticket. This sleek backpack, designed especially for dogs, easily fits all of the above listed items (plus, of course, biodegradable poop bags!) and looks cool in any setting, urban or rural.

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