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April 21, 2012

It’s Ernestine’s Birthday Week!

And this BETTER be on your calendars!
Saturday, April 21, 2012, 7pm
Crate Escape too
368 Huron Ave.
Cambridge, MA.
Join us!

My Next Dog, Breeder or Rescue?
We DO talk about this a lot. We feel it deserves and needs attention and the more people who understand and support a nation with ‘No More Homeless Pets’ (Best Friends Animal Society) the closer we get to that goal.

Lots of people are hesitant to adopt a dog from a shelter. They believe that shelter dogs always have unforgivable issues. Many people believe the ‘way to go’ is to buy a puppy and train him/her ‘their way’.

Because of the millions of homeless dogs and overflowing shelters, an unconceivable number of dogs who are well behaved, young, purebred (any or all of these characteristics) end up in a shelter and are euthanized.
In a Study conducted by the NCPPSP ( it was found that the major reasons the majority of dogs are end up in shelters are due to human problems (moving, cost of dog care, having no time, etc.) not the behavior of the animals. When a dog is determined to be homeless and enters a shelter, he is labeled according to his currently visable temperament. Shelters are strict in labeling dogs often because of the sheer numbers; they don’t have room! So, back to the misunderstanding that shelter dogs have ‘issues’, it is far more likely a good dog who exhibits fear will be labeled aggressive and euthanized, than an aggressive dog being labeled adoptable.

Other misconceptions are that puppies easily acclimate, are easy to train and that only younger dogs can adapt to a new families. In shelters, puppies are always adopted faster than adults. When people choose to purchase a puppy from a popular breeder, although the pup’s heredity is usually known, sometimes pure breeds are over-bred and have developed their own particular issues (e.g. ‘golden rage’ in golden retrievers). Then there are ‘back yard’ breeders who have mate their dog(s) with other random dogs. Bank yard breeders have led to ‘puppy mills’ where the conditions are deplorable and unliveable. The majority of puppy mill dogs are sold in pet stores. Most puppies represent a series of unknowns: health, development, size, and temperament are hard to assess. A mature dog with a fully-developed temperament is generally an advantage; it is easier to make a proper match between dog and owner. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a total myth. Dogs are wonderful, highly-adaptive creatures, and like humans their capacity and desire to learn are alive and healthy throughout their life.

As a result of the economy, shelters are overflowing with all sizes, breeds, mixed breeds and ages of dogs. Their temperaments can be matched with potential owners criteria. Most of the dogs have been traumatized by their stay at the shelter and they literally bloom within a couple of months in their new homes.

At both Crates, we have a large percentage of rescues. You would never, eva! be able to tell the difference!

NOW! A word from the Birthday Girl!

My Mom is making me say, no presents at my party. (no really!! no presents!) I can’t wait for you to meet me or see me again!
Later, Ernestine

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