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September 3, 2012

More Great News!! Crate Escape, Belmont Moving Across Street!

It’s all good! The lease is signed for 30 Brighton Ave, Belmont where we will be moving from Flanders Rd. at the end of the year. In case you haven’t heard, the town took our Flanders St. building by eminent domain earlier this year and gave us until the end of the year to move out. They will be demolishing the building.

So Bradley (owner) has been on a tireless crusade to find an alternative. Our main criteria was keeping it convenient for our customers…. so the radius was limited. The Brighton St. building is close to perfect– we expressed interest around March, 2012. The negotiations seemed to go on forever! but the result is fabulous and so exciting.

OK, the building looks a little scary in this photo, but many of you have witnessed the superior renovation and decorating woofness of one female owner who prefers to go unmentioned. The street sign in the photo is Flanders Rd!! There is a parking lot on the side. Construction is to start around the middle of September and we will be moving gradually from then until the end of the year. No worries!! No closed days; it will most likely be Flanders Rd. on a Friday and Brighton St. on Monday. The pawprints are aligned!

No More Homeless Pets
The numbers of dogs and cats euthanized in the USA every year is becoming better known by pet lovers than ever before. Individuals, groups, cities and states are taking action to lower these numbers by spreading the word about the huge numbers of homeless pets who die: how everytime a dog lover helps out a homeless dog or rescue/ shelter organization s/he is literally helping to save dogs’ lives, and how spaying and neutering is a root cause of the overpopulation.

Crate Escape is becoming more active helping homeless dogs. We are learning as we go how many ways there are to assist in this effort. Like everyone, we went through the, ‘I don’t know if I could rescue a dog from a kill shelter and leave others behind, I would never be able to foster because I wouldn’t be able to give the dog up, I don’t have time to be out ‘on the road’ helping save dogs’. We are recognizing how important any action, even talking about the USA’s homeless pet situation is a big help.

Stay tuned!! More to follow!

A Word from Ernestine
I want to give a big bark to my friend (and generous gifter of rubber toys) David, who was injured in a bicycle accident last week. Hurry back with more toys!
So, you would think that with Charlestown under construction and Brighton St. signed, I would get more time to go out and play with my blue ball!! (someone has to be there to watch…..) But, Mother of Snoopy, it’s just not true. I have given up pleading to live at the beach… and I did promise to be in charge of the Charlestown project… so guess I better get off my tail…..

How’s that?
Later, Ernestine

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