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February 23, 2011

Muddy Paws are Right Around the Corner…

…and usually we would think, YUK! But after this winter we will take anything that goes with sun and warmth. Once again, we commend you little dogs, for making it through. Very soon you will have your periperal vision back. Plus when your caretakers try to make you feel their pain with the ‘we had to walk through 6′ of snow to get to school’ story, you have them beat by at least 10X your body height!

Now, the stars of the website!

School vacation week! Pooches staying overnight and playing all day! Our ‘puppy pen’ as it is called (also for dogs who like to play with puppies and won’t knock them over!) is in full swing, allowing us to further combine compatible canines to give them the best daycare experience. The structural renovations are complete, but you will see a new rug here or there and some of Stephanie and Nikki’s creative selections on the wall.

… or is it Crate-Escape Too? We are officially changing RCD’s name, to emphasize the connection between the two properties, but when? Most probably in spring. Believe it or not our renovation is still happening too (Crate-Escape Too?) perhaps in the summer? That one is our landlord’s call. So when you see Raining Cats and Dogs (soon to be Crate-Escape Too) or Crate-Escape Too (formerly Raining Cats and Dogs) hopefully you will know what’s up. Once more, kudos to our pups for making it through this challenging winter- and definitely their caretakers too (Crate-Escape Too?).

You will soon be receiving an email as your first official announcement of our ‘Ernestine’s 9th Birthday Celebration’ and to celebrate the ‘New Look’ at Crate! It is on April 21st from 6:30 – 8:30 (times may shift a little, but definitely evening). We really hope everyone will come- although we will always be growing and changing, this renovation deserves a party. And of course Ernie can’t wait to see you!

This is the last time we will bark at you in February!
Have a great week.

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