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June 17, 2012

Here we come Charlestown!

We had a GREAT time in Charlestown at the ‘Open Market’ an annual showcase of local businesses. The Crate Escape table was right on Main St. Charlestown has so! many dogs! The residents are excited about having their own dog daycare! For all who visited us, an email with updates is coming soon!

One Nation Under Dog
“One Nation Under Dog” aired on HBO on Monday, June 18th. The documentary addresses the passionate and complex relationship that Americans have with their dogs. From a Florida couple who spend hundreds of thousands to clone a beloved dog, to rescuers who find homes for abandoned dogs in rural shelters in Tennessee and Alabama; where hundreds of thousands are destroyed each year – many in gas chambers. A look at how far some dog lovers will go for the animals they revere and how far they will go as a nation to treat their companion animals humanely.

This documentary is of particular interest because two of the contributors are local. Paws New England is a rescue group who has been in operation since 2007. They have placed over 3,500 dogs in foster and forever homes! The dogs they save are from varied situations; many are pulled (a shelter/rescue term) from kill shelters in MA. They also partner with a shelter in Memphis, TN. Paws has literally turned the Memphis shelter from ‘high kill’ to a place where homeless dogs have a chance. This week Paws New England posted 4 dogs on facebook who were scheduled to be euthanized that evening. 5 hours later 4 people from their New England network had jumped in and offered to foster.
John Gagnon in Colchester, CT. is also a huge presence in the dog rescue world. John is fostering one of the dogs mentioned above at his business; ‘John Gagnon’s Pet Resort’. (website: John works with Paws to train rescued dogs who need help with some behaviors before going into a home.

(editorial comment I planned to post this blog earlier but I had a moment….. One of the trailers for One Nation Under Dog was hard to watch– I started thinking; I am SO compassionate, why do I have to see this pain? I was reminded that each time we actually SEE the truth it recharges our dedication. This is the truth about dogs in our country today. Please watch and tell your friends!)

Dogs Often Need Space
guest blogging by Jessica Dolce, Tail of the Dog

Space. Some of us like a lot of it and and some of us prefer closeness. Either way it is a personal preference, one that should be respected. Believe it or not, it is the same in the world of dogs, except in their case it is a HUGE deal! Many experts believe that space is the cause of many aggression issues with dogs; taking it, protecting it, you name it!
One of the lessons that we humans have a hard time understanding is that dogs have personal boundaries just like people. Sometimes dogs need space.
They need space for lots of different reasons. Some need space because they have just had surgery and they are in pain. Some dogs are reactive and they are learning how to stay calm in public. Many are adolescent dogs with no manners who need space to learn polite greetings. Some are fine with dogs and terrified of strange people. A bunch are just old and don’t want to be bothered.
There is a problem here, caused by well-meaning people. Many have no control over their dogs. People allow their dogs to drag them across the street, forcing nose-to-nose greetings with strange dogs. Or they ignore leash laws and let their dogs run loose.
In these cases people walking dogs who need space can be confronted by dogs not under their owner’s control. It seems that somewhere along the way, humans have started to think that a “normal” dog is one who can and should meet all dogs at all times and like it. Interacting happily at all times is not a requirement for being a good dog.
There are good dogs who don’t want strong dogs or humans in their faces. They just need a little space. That’s all. They are DINGO’s – Dogs in Need of Space.

Some Words from our Top Dog (dog) Ernestine

Really!! It’s the middle of June and you want me to write something??
I can’t even bark the word b_a_h without jumping up and down (which I am not allowed to do because of an old leg injury- whatever!) I do want to talk to you about ‘One Nation Under Dog’. If you rescued your dog you need to watch it. If you got your dog from a pet store or a breeder, you have to watch it. It is all about being aware of what is happening to millions of dogs every day!
ok, I will check in with you this summer.

Words from our Top Dog, Ernestine

Later, Ernestine

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