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June 28, 2011

One Paw Closer to Crate Escape too!! WOOF!

Just to make sure you hear us loud and clear: Raining Cats and Dogs will be starting a renovation on July 1, 2011 to give our beautiful store a facelift and officially become ‘Crate Escape too. The retail store and daycare will be closed from Friday, July 1st until August 1,2011 (at the latest). Our daycare pups are invited and encouraged to go to our sister store, Crate Escape, located a little over a mile from RCD (Crate Escape too) on the Cambridge/ Belmont line. We have a special pen set aside for your smaller dogs AND everyone’s favorite RCD (Crate Escape too) personalities will be there (of course)! We are here to help with any questions you have and we will do our best to accommodate!

Important Details
Please remember!
1. Call 24 hours in advance to make your daycare reservations. For RCD customers, Crate Escape’s phone number is 617-489-9003. Nikki is the General Manager, Vanessa is at the front desk and will answer many of your calls, and Jenny will usually be not too far away.

2. Be sure to make van reservations and/or changes 24 hours in advance (preferably before 3pm the day prior). It is essential for our scheduling and your dog’s timely pickup and dropoff that we have your van requests in advance!

3. Crate Escape is open until 6:30pm. They are open on Saturdays, by reservation only!

4. OVERNIGHTS AND DAYCARE are SOLD OUT from Saturday, July 2nd through Monday, July 4th.


BARK!… as corny as Belmont in August, high as the flag on the Fourth of July….. if you’ll excuse an expression I use, please don’t take me, don’t take me, don’t take me, don’t take me, don’t take me to look at the sky!

Dogs and firecrackers do not get along! Even if your dogs are usually even-tempered, the sudden loud noises often spook and upset them. When you are planning your holiday festivities be sure to make plans for your dogs too, preferably far away from firecrackers!

Ernie requested this post, 2011 will be her 10th Fourth of July holiday!

(for all of you youngsters, the heading of this post is a dogged revision of a song from the musical Oklahoma)

BrokenTail Rescue Meet and Greet
Big thanks to the gang from BrokenTail Rescue, Nikki, and our customers who created, hosted and attended the event at Crate Escape last Sunday. The adorable adoptables included 5 sheltie puppies, 3 border collie puppies, 2 beagle mix puppies (10-14 weeks old) and an 8 year old mixed breed (designer dogs of the 21st century!) who had high hopes of finding their furever homes! Lots of applications were taken and we wish the pooches and wonderful BrokenTail the best! We hope to schedule another Meet and Greet again soon!

A Happy, Happy and Safe Fourth of July Weekend to All Dogs and People (lucky enough to share this blog!)

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