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February 3, 2011

OUCH, Mom, my paw hurts!

Winter Paw Care for Dogs

The products used to clear the ice and snow that accompany cold winter weather can be a real hazard for dogs. Rock salt and most chemical de-icers can irritate a dog’s paws and turn a winter walk into a painful ordeal. Stay away from heavily salted areas as much as possible when walking your dog.

Always wash paws with warm water after outdoor play and winter walks. Even if there’s no trace of cracks, irritation or any damage and no snow and ice to remove, it’s important to wash away all traces of salt and other de-icers so a dog can’t lick it off later. Never let a dog try to chew away any lumps if ice and snow sticking to its paws or hanging from its fur.

Ingesting rock salt or chemical de-icing products can have a toxic effect. There are pet-safe ice melting products available. (editorial comment: We have ‘Safe Paw’, a great dog friendly de-icer at Crate and Raining Cats and Dogs. We looked for information on salt and dogs’ paws because so often in this weather, we see a dog holding one of his paws up while trying to walk. At that point it really hurts! In these situations, gently put fingers between pads and dislodge any salt and ice. That helps as a short term fix!)


The biggest news in the Crate dog world, is that Fly, Nikki’s australian shepard, woke out of a nine day coma late last week! In spite of all of the well-wishers and positive energy sent her way, her condition was critical for the first 5 days. Currently, Fly is home with her family and doing better every day. Thanks for all you support!
Construction continues and rumors are growling around that there will be a celebration party in April! Yoo hoo!

Raining Cats and Dogs

Curbside service? We would love to do it all the time, except we wouldn’t have a chance to catch up with our people(?) our dog’s people? This week was a necessity given the parking situation on Huron Ave. Just to let you know, more of the warm, fleece lined, 3 season, ‘trench’ jackets are on the way! So stop by and check them out! We also have a large, hollow, peanut shape ‘kong’ that smells like peanuts. Yum!

Valentine’s Day Simplified

It creates anxiety every year. What should you get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? How do you make it different from last year?

Why not give something that really celebrates caring? Sponsor a homeless animal for Valentine’s Day! With just $25 you can make a powerful statement about love. The animal of your choosing will love you forever … and you’ll win brownie points with your loved one for being so thoughtful.

This post comes from Best Friends Animal Society, a fabulous sanctuary, with whom many of you are familar. Here is the link to make this wonder gift a reality!″>

(sorry, we weren’t able to create a link for the above; please copy and paste!)

Thanks, best wishes to you and your pup (s) to stay warm and dry!

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