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November 10, 2010

Please get me a dog for the holidays!

subtitle, ‘But it’s only a dog’

Outright, in plain English, with no hesitation, as loud as possible DO NOT SURPRISE ANYONE WITH A DOG AS A PRESENT!   In theory, it sounds like such a wonderful, thoughtful gift. But more often than not, it does not work; the recipient was not really serious about wanting a dog, doesn’t really have time to train the dog, cannot really give the dog enough exercise, was really kidding saying she wanted a dog.

As dog owners’ know, there is a ton involved in giving your dog an adaptive, healthy life. We are a long way from the 1960’s when dogs were allowed off leash, running around town and were largely perceived as ‘just dogs’. There has been a lot of research on how dog’s brains really work; they are much more than many people give them credit for. And like people, their lives can be lengthened with the proper care.  It is impossible to know anyone, even your bestest friends, well enough to make that kind of a commitment.  The best thing you can do is pass this on to your friends. NO DOG PRESENTS!

At Crate and RCD we have daily experiences with all kinds of dogs.  Rescue dogs whose lives have been unhappy, thus far, for any number of reasons, shelter dogs who have been surrendered by families because of the economy, pet store dogs from puppy mills, pure breeds from breeders, to name a few.  The truth is that today there are more dogs available to adopt and rescue than ever before. Pure breeds and puppies are just part of the mix. If an actual dog-owner-to-be is looking for a new dog; suggest a rescue. In most cases a rescue adoption actually saves a dog life, because the shelters get many of their dogs from kill shelters. By adopting a dog you create an open space.

Crate-Escape Update

Grooming has moved into it’s new location at Crate on 20 Flanders Road, which offers 3 times the space, much better lighting and happy groomers! Plus we have some wonderful, new Woof, LLC (official company name) employees who we are very excited about!  All in preparation to better serve you.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Busy! Wonderfully busy! We jumped right in to fall mode with lots of new dogs/ puppies and old timers (Harrison, Dublin, Hermes, Skippy A. to name a few) frolicing around our pen and yard. We are psyched for all the newcomers, because they are wonderful and they mix it up so everyone gets to play more. Come in for your holiday shopping at your convenience Monday – Saturday.  There is a also a Holiday Celebration (that’s not the official name) on December 2nd, 3rd and fourth when RCD will offer warming surprises for you and your pups! More  info to follow!

Thanks for reading and come back next week for more scoops (which rhymes with… oh never mind!)

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