No more waiting for their next walk !

Amy and David in Cambridge are happy they found Crate Escape:


“Daycare at Crate Escape Too has done wonders for our dog, Harvey. He has transformed from a frightened rescue pup into a playful, confident dog. The staff is so caring, attentive, and informative.  Harvey loves going to daycare and we love how tired he is when he comes home! We have also used the van service, grooming services, and overnight boarding at Crate Escape Belmont and have been more than satisfied with everything. We are so thrilled that we found Crate ”

Mei-Ling has a cute story about Mocha Latte:

Mocha Latte

“Mocha Latte started her Daycare around August 2007 when she was 9 months old. I had never heard of it until my postman told me about it. From her first day till now, she always looks forward to going there and playing with her doggy and human friends. She especially loves her ‘Spa’ days when she gets her bath on Fridays. The place is extremely clean and well taken care of. The staff is very knowledgeable and are amazing with all the dogs and their owners. Brad and Stephanie are hands-on owners who will work with you and cater to your dogs needs. They also have overnight services where the dogs can sleep on beds, couches or with one of the staff. She stays overnights once a month and sometimes longer and I never have to worry about her. All in all, if you are looking for a caring and safe place for your dog, look no further than Crate Escape! I enclosed two pictures. One is taken in August 2007 when she was 9 months old and just started at Crate Escape and the second one is her first Christmas photo with ‘Santa Brad’ in December 2007.”

Anne and Jonah from Somerville tell us:


Stella: “We feel really lucky to have discovered Crate Escape. Whenever we drop Stella off, whether it’s for daycare or an overnight, we know she’s having a blast in a safe environment where the amazing staff treat her like she’s their own dog. Stella absolutely loves her weekly daycare date. And we love knowing that whenever we drop her off we know we’ll be picking up a happy and TIRED dog.”

Olga in Cambridge tells about her mountain climber, Koi:


“Koi loves spending his days at Crate Escape. His bum always wiggles when I open the door. It’s reassuring to know that he’s being watched over by friendly staff that know him well. I (+ Koi) appreciate their attentiveness and ability to accommodate any special requests.”

Melinda and Sam of Charlestown love the staff:


“I would be lost without Crate Escape and so would Miss Sam. Knowing that Sam is palling around with her friends during the day in a reliable, safe, caring, thoughtful, and fun environment while I am in the office means everything. Alex, Kate, Shirl, Brian, and Danielle do it all for my Sammy – love, rubs, baths, photos, kisses, updates, playtime, downtime, van time, new collar time. Crate Escape is a big and wonderful part of Sam’s family. Thank you all!

Heather and Mike Smith from Medford overheard Izzie say:


“Off to Crate Escape, can’t wait to get rid of this leash and collar! … I do stop playing and reflect, once and awhile.”

Amy in Belmont writes:

Harry and Carly

Harry and Carly: “When we first started coming to Crate six years ago, our dog Harry was an energetic seven-year-old Irish terrier. Crate gave him a place to burn off some of that energy.“As he matured and we added a second dog, Carly, to our family, we relied on Crate for training (not so easy to walk two terriers!), boarding and grooming.“What would we do without you guys? We couldn’t have enjoyed travel without knowing our dog kids were comfy with Katie and Neil. Bridget taught us to walk as a group without pulling, barking and attacking each other.“Our girl Carly loves to see you all, from the moment we check in. Thank you, not just for offering an essential service, but for the genuine affection you show for our canine family members.”

With love and appreciation from The Sweeneys (Deb, Bill, Ripley & Murphy):

Ripley and Murphy, 2005 and 2013

“Ripley and Murphy have been going to Crate on average 5 days a week since August of 2005 – almost the entire time that Crate has been open. The care and love they get on a daily basis has always been key to our overall happiness in being a part of the Crate family.“As the girls have aged, encountered health issues, or just needed a little extra love, I know that I can leave them with the staff at Crate and they will be taken care of as well as if they were at home with me.“I am jealous that the staff get to spend all day with not only my girls but the beloved four-legged members of other families. “Thank you Crate Escape staff and owners for everything you have done for us for all these years and hoping we continue our wonderful partnership for many many years to come.”

John and Rachele from Cambridge write:

Jax and Qali

Jax and Qali: “Crate Escape is the only place we will leave our little buddies when we can’t be with them. Our pups are super high energy and love to play all the time. We know that when we don’t have time to give them what they need, the crew at Crate Escape will not only look after them, but also, make sure they are happy and having lots of fun. As their “people,” it gives my wife and I tremendous peace of mind to know our pups are in good hands and loved when we can’t be with them. We are so appreciative of all that Crate Escape provides!”

Kathi in Arlington talks about Banjo & Babbs:

Banjo and Babbs

“I have been a Crate Escape customer since 2006 when I started bringing my first furbaby, Banjo. I added a new family member, Babbs last year and now the two of them are regulars! Over the years, you have generously accommodated my various foster dogs and are even fostering your own now. My dogs are like children to me and you understand that and treat them as if they are your own family. You have helped with late pickups, early drop offs and last minute overnight requests. You are the only people I trust to take care of my babies and I don’t know what I would do without you!”

Katherine writes about how she and Buddha like Crate Escape… and a particular member of the staff


“Crate Escape is truly Buddha’s second home. He has been coming to Crate for about 4 years, and every employee treats Buddha as if he’s their own. Crate Escape has helped Buddha and I with a lot of transitions this past year, and I put my complete trust in the staff to take great care of him. Every time I drop him off, I know he’s going to be safe – and exhausted when I pick him up.“Their knowledge of dog behavior as well as their sound advice every time I have a question is priceless. When I ask the staff a question about dog behavior or training, everyone seems delighted to help me out. It’s clear that the Crate staff loves working with the dogs. They understand every type of dog breed and how to handle them, including my Buddha who’s a Tibetan Mastiff – a dog thought not to be able to attend day care by most breeders. Thank you for loving him as much as I do!
“PS: Glad we have Vanessa back too at Belmont. 🙂 Above is a photo of Buddah shaking hands with her!”

Roxie sends hugs from Maryland (used to live in Somerville):


“I cannot say enough good things about Crate Escape. I started bringing my 4 month old pup, Dexter, to daycare in 2010 after having a bad experience with another daycare and immediately saw that CE was different. My dog was deliriously happy when we’d pull into the parking lot and the staff were always kind and excited to see him. Being a new dog owner was a learning process for me, and Nikki, Kate, and Vanessa (to name a few) always went above and beyond to answer my (endless) questions about how to help my dog with his separation anxiety, food allergies, or leash pulling. 

“One summer, I was walking down the street in Provincetown with a friend and my pup, and I heard ‘DEXTER BOXER!’ shouted from above. I looked up to see Kim, who does overnights at CE, smiling down from a balcony and then rushing down to say hello. I have literally- and I am not exaggerating when I saw this- *never* seen my dog so happy to see anyone. He rushed up the steps to meet her and then starting jumping and playing and basically having a joyous meltdown. The friend I had with me had always been a bit perplexed by the concept of dog daycare (she’s a “cat person”) but when she saw how much Kim genuinely adored Dexter and had gone out of her way to come say hello and play with him even though she was on vacation, she looked at me and said ‘Ok, I get it now. Worth every penny!’

“That’s basically the best example that comes to mind to sum up my main point: The owners and the folks who work here and make this daycare the awesome place that it is truly love and understand dogs, and really look at our pups as their friends and family…or at least that’s how it feels based on how Dexter’s been treated over the years :).

“I moved out of the area last year have been trying to find a place that is even marginally as amazing as CE and despite checking out places in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philly, and DC, nothing has even come close. They are truly the very best place to take your furry family when you can’t look after them yourself. I heartily recommend them for daycare and overnights, and encourage you to check out their foster program if you’re looking to add a new critter to your family.”


Tina and Jerry of Cambridge write how Chloe has been going to Crate Escape since she was a puppy:


“From the minute Stephanie picked up the phone nearly 8 years ago and explained what Crate was all about – their philosophy of providing a high standard of care in a safe, fun environment – we were assured that this would be a great place for Chloe. And they have lived up to that promise each and every day. The staff is amazing, loving our pup like she’s one of their own.  When she was a puppy our minds were put at ease that Chloe had a wonderful, caring place to go every day where we didn’t have to worry about a thing. And through the years they’ve been there every step of the way, not only for daycare, but accommodating special requests like creating a quiet, safe place for Chloe to continue going to daycare when she was recovering from surgery, and taking special care of her when we go away, so we can truly relax and enjoy our vacations. They always go the extra mile to ensure all her needs are taken care of and assure us that Chloe’s in great hands (and paws)!”

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