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May 15, 2012

This blog is written, edited and published exclusively by Ernestine.

According to the ‘new’ formula, at 10 human years old, I am approximately 52. Now, given that 52 is the ‘new’ 37, I am in a perfectly mature, intelligent, adult position to tell you what’s going on in the canine world. I must confess that a lot of this opinionated blog comes from eavesdropping on people.

I had a fabulous birthday. I have a wonderful loving home, I get plenty of exercise, I spend my day with other dogs and my diet is healthy and superb. My human parents and the people I see on a daily basis are dog lovers; this scenario is normal for them and their dogs.

The ‘dog world’ however, is in great distress. A generation of backyard breeders, puppy mills, sociopaths creating dog fighting as a sport, and a lack of education about the necessity to spay/ neuter most dogs has caused a huge overpopulation. 4 million dogs, a large percentate of whom are healthy and have good temperaments are euthanized in the US each year.

Crate Escape is determined to help. Over the past 2 years we have talked about various scenarios; including starting a 501c3 rescue organization, getting involved in MA legislation regarding homeless pets, how to best help them and sharing relevent information with our customers to keep you up to date and savvy.

2012 has thus far been about finding a new location for Big Belmont Crate, and (great news!) working on the opening of Charlestown Crate this summer. Shelter/ Rescue is definitely still in the kibble!

100+ Abandoned Dogs in Everglades, Florida
This is one of the confusing outcomes of the recession….. but really what IS this all about?? I have heard conversations about this issue; something like; ‘OK, ‘people’ want to get a dog, cute puppy, whatever. They care for the dog for several to many years. Then they have to move, and the new location doesn’t take dogs, or they can no longer afford care, or a baby arrived on the scene and there is no time for the dog. What happens next, in WAY too many situations, is that the dog is 8 or 10 or 2 or 4 and surrendered to a shelter. In the story below, the dogs’ people just left. Deserted their dogs and didn’t look back.
A group of dog people realized that there were lots of dogs running free in the Everglades. Their further investigation found over 200 dogs that had lived in homes and were then abandoned.

Approximately 200+ dogs and 30 cats have been abandoned in the Everglades area of Florida (Florida City and Homestead and Redlands areas in SE Florida). These dogs/cats have been dumped by their previous owners; left alone to fend for themselves. Most are starving, full of ticks and at risk for several tick borne diseases, heart worm, the elements and the wildlife and that is IF a speeding car …doesn’t hit them first. There are countless still out there.

A rescue group has been formed– they got a vet to give them a deal. On the first 100 dogs, the vet bill was $8,000. The group has a facebook page and is squeaking by with donations.

This is my (Ernestine’s) question. How can people abandon their pets? Are there levels of pet love? Some people start out liking/ loving and then the tables turn in some way which makes it harder to care for their animals and the answer is to dump them? I felt like the ‘it’s only a dog’ world was behind us.

Crate Escape Events
Visit us on Saturday, May 19th at Fresh Pond for ‘Fresh Pond Day’. There will be lots of games for kids, our friend Gordon from Zen Dog will be talking about dog training, and Crate Escape will have a fabulous booth! Hours are from 10-2.

(this is a whisper) On June 9th, we will be in Charlestown as part of their annual ‘Open Market’. Area businesses come together through the Chamber of Commerce and show you what they’re all about. We have been supersticiously hush hush until all the dogs are in a row….. but things are lookin’ good! More to be revealed!

Logging Off

It’s almost time for the beach!!
Later, Ernestine

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