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October 24, 2011

Time to Mark Calendars for Dog Pictures with Santa!

Fourth Annual Santa/ Dog Photo Shoot!
December 10th from 4-7pm at Crate. Christmas tree, pointsettias, Santa and your pup! We print one, 4X6 photo for you for $10. We then put the photos up on Snapfish, where you may download them, etc. ALL proceeds are matched by Brad and Stephanie and go to the MSPCA.
It’s really fun; join us!

Are you ready for a pet-safe holiday?

If you dress up your pets, do all you can to make costumes as stress-free as possible:

Consider a special pre-Halloween dress up day.
Post pictures of them in all their costumed cuteness, and let them spend the actual night of Halloween enjoying their normal nakedness.

Do not leave pets unsupervised in their costumes.
At the very best, they will respond like our friend Oscar Dog (who was not unsupervised, but was fast) who took his Darth Vader cape off and peed on it. At the worst, they may ingest parts of their costume or become trapped or choked trying to wiggle out of it.

Make sure your pets’ costumes are comfortable and do not obstruct their vision or ability to potty.

Even if your entire stash is officially “pet-safe,” an entire night’s earnings of high sugar treats and their wrappers are bad news for any pet. The following treats are not pet friendly in any amount, so be extra careful…
Chocolate – This one is so well known, it has almost become a cliché – no chocolate for dogs or cats! So no one feeds their pets chocolate on purpose, but if they can, pets will often help themselves. The three biggest determining factors of the severity of toxicity are:
• the size of the pet
• the type of chocolate ingested
• the amount ingested

Check out this great toxicity calculator that National Geographic created. If your pet does happen to get into your Halloween candy, this chart can be very helpful in quickly determining how dangerous a situation it could be. Each pet may respond differently – if your pet is acting sick or you are at all concerned, call your veterinarian right away. Better a false alarm than a toxicity not treated early.
National Geographic Chocolate Chart: (this cannot be posted, the amounts of any one item changes depending on the dog’s weight) Here is the link:

Raisins – These are a great healthy candy alternative for kids, but not for dogs and cats. They contain a pretty serious kidney toxin, so make sure these are out of reach.
Gum – Some sugar-free gums (and other products) contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. This can cause dangerously low blood sugar and liver damage in dogs (but not cats or people).
Toys – Gastrointestinal obstruction is a risk if dogs eat the toys that are often in with the Halloween candy and may smell like Halloween treats. Keep the bag out of reach and spend the rest of the year picking the cute little pumpkin and ghost toys up off the floor as soon as they get left there.

Between the weird sounds and weird lights and strangers at the door – dressed like scary monsters no less – Halloween can be anywhere from annoying to terrifying for pets. On Halloween day, take the dogs for an extra walk and give them a safe place to which to retreat for the evening. You may even want to have them rest in a closed back room or kennel so they do not get scared and bolt.

ok, Ms. Ernestine, Wrap It Up!
I would like to dedicate my post today to my friend, Calvin who died a year ago. He was the best! He never challenged me or stole my toys or anything. RIP dear, labby boy, we miss you!
Later, Ernestine

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