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November 17, 2013

‘Tis Almost the Season


We are preparing an email for you that includes Crate Escapes’ holiday hours.  You will receive it mid-week. In the meantime,  here’s a heads up for Thanksgiving:

CEtoo, Crate Escapes Belmont and Charlestown will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  On Wednesday, 11/27 and Friday, 11/29, hours are regular, 7am – 6:30pm.

Santadog is coming early to all 3 Crate Escapes! Holiday treats, collars, sweaters, trench coats, toys, etc! will be on display starting Friday, 11/29.  Great gifts for your poochs and friends.

I am sure you have figured it out; I am alpha in my home.  At 4pm every day, I gather my brothers and sister, we jump into our beds and watch Ellen.  In spite of all the alpha behaviors I have expressed, it is currently all about, ‘Be Kind to One Another’. Ellen says it every day at the end of her show.

This blog is about how we can help homeless dogs over the holiday season.  Bet you didn’t know jack russells can be mellow and empathetic!


Later, Ernestine

A Special Gift

With the holidays coming up– now is a great time to think of our canine friends, especially those who are homeless. Many of us want to help and mean to help, but we pause because we really want to ADOPT a rescue dog, which often is just not feasible.

We are grateful at Crate Escape, that we have been able to foster dogs for Last Hope K9 Rescue. Last Hope’s ongoing networking and adoption events result in the fosters usually being adopted within two weeks.  All rescues take on huge responsibilities to safely and legally get homeless dogs to foster/ forever homes.

The rescue volunteers on the ‘front lines’ are truly amazing. They have to be over-the-top’ committed, and be able to endure a ton of stress.  These strong, passionate people; choose which dogs they can ‘pull’ (rescue lingo) from shelters, decide to what extent their rescue can support a sick or injured dog, and take the responsibility to raise the money necessary to make the dogs adoptable  A large percentage of the rescue dogs available for adoption in NE are from the south, meaning finding foster homes down there, vets who are on board with the mission, hopefully reducing bills, and providing safe transportation north.

Recently the campaign to raise money for dogs who are victims of typhoon Haiyan has been everywhere. It is a constant struggle for us dog lovers, to decide what and whom to support.  Just efforts towards homeless dogs in the USA?  In MA?  For a specific rescue or shelter?

Along with the urgent requests for immediate help, there are an many options to volunteer locally and more simply. Suggestions can often be found on your favorite rescue org. or shelter’s website under ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Donate’ (time, not necessarily money!)  Here are some examples:

1. Donate your time
Volunteering for a shelter is one of the most impactful ways to get involved. Many shelters need help with cleaning and caring for the animals, and keeping the facility in good condition. Call your local shelter to see if it needs extra volunteers and learn more about volunteering with shelters and rescue groups.

2.  Donate your skills
Do you have a special talent or hobby like photography or creating video? Photographing shelter pets or highlighting one in an adoptable pet video for his Petfinder profile can bring attention to a pet who’s often overlooked. A great photo on a pet’s Petfinder profile will make him more likely to catch an adopter’s eye and bring her into the shelter. Get some tips for how to get great shelter-pet photos, then donate your skills to help a pet find a home.

3. Donate your pets’ gently-used and old items (Our Chews a Cause program!)
Shelters can always use some extra supplies. Contact your local shelter or rescue group to see if it has a wish list of items it needs, just be sure to clean any supplies before you donate them. Often a shelter’s wish list will include:

** Water and food bowls
**Leashes and collars
**Brushes/grooming tools
**Pet beds

4. Great Idea!! Getting Married??
Getting married or throwing a big party? I bet you don’t need those fancy china plates or the glass vase that’ll just sit in a cabinet collecting dust. Instead, have your shelter set up a registry page so guests can donate to the shelter rather than purchasing a customary wedding gift. It’s a rewarding experience for you, the shelter and your guests and it’s a great way to remember the meaning of your wedding! Read about two couples who set up donation registries on our blog.

5. Donate household items
Pet supplies aren’t the only supplies shelters need. Some other things that come in handy for shelters include:
** Cleaning supplies (call your shelter and ask what cleaning supplies it uses/needs)
** Old newspapers
** Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
** Old towels and blankets
** Hand sanitizer
** Office supplies

7. Donate pet food and litter
Shelters and rescue groups go through a lot of pet food and cat litter every day. You can buy pet food in bulk at wholesale stores and donate:

** Wet dog/cat food
** Dry dog/cat food
** Clumping cat litter
** Non-clay cat litter (for kittens and post-op cats)
** Dog/cat treats

8. Volunteer at rescue organization’s adoption events. Contact a local rescue.

9. Drive rescue dogs to new homes, vets and adoption events. Check with your favorite rescue.

It all makes a difference. The facts that you follow Crate Escape and read the blog indicates that you are a special dog person. Thanks for your support!

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