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January 13, 2011

We are too excited to bark!


Our beloved Crate is changing, changing every day! Our dogs are requesting a Hansel and Gretel trail of treats to map the way from the front door to the daycare (oops, it’s the caretakers who might get lost; how about a trail of individually wrapped caramels?  The dogs can find their way just fine!) Anyway, the traditional warehouse garage doors are now beautiful glass and very soon, we will be greeting you from a front desk, just steps from the entry door. Bradley has been building away all weekend and our ‘new look’ is just days away! 

Raining Cats and Dogs

Always smiling and SO excited about every new dog they meet, RCD staffers have a particular interest when an existing daycare dog gets a new brother or sister.  (In fact, sometimes it is hard to get them to return the dog to his caretaker at the end of the day. (kidding, kind of!) If you are considering a second, third ++ there are tons of dogs available for adoption all the time. Sometimes we get the inside scoop on a pooch looking for a foster or a new home.  We currently know of an adorable 4-5 year old poodle/jack russell mix…. so if you have debated either situation, check with Raining or Crate for more information.  Her photo is in the link below (sorry it’s so big! probably almost lifesize!?)

Do your Dogly Duty

Why does it seem that there are always more poops not scooped in the winter? Because we can see them better? Or caretaker’s hands get cold? Hmmm.. not good excuses. Here is an article from Somerville addressing the subject.

Let’s all do it!?!  Thanks!

Business Stuff

Hope everyone made it through the snow ok. Many of our pups are in heaven!

Please be sure to call ahead to make reservations for daycare. 24 hours is preferred, but anytime the day before the actual day is fine. If you call the day of your requested daycare, we will let you know what’s up; we might have to say no. We have been extremely busy since Thanksgiving and this is the best way to guarantee your dog can come to daycare whenever you wish!

Thanks! 2011 has really started with a big WOOF!

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