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October 26, 2010

What are you going to be for Halloween?…..a dog.

Crate-Escape! You’re up! New stuff?

Construction continues in our fabulous facility- working towards more space, new grooming ‘suite’ and a stunning facelift! 

We have welcomed many new dogs this fall, creating fabulous packs every day who just want to have FUN! Fall is busy, busy so please make every effort to call us 24 hours ahead when your dog is coming to daycare!

 Raining Cats and Dogs (Crate-Escape Too) 

Lots of new puppies! Sooo cute! We remember Pudge, our boston terrier boy, who was the smallest dog we had in daycare when he was a puppy; 3 years ago. He was about 3.5 lbs. Now we have lil’ malteses, poo mixes, yorkies, totally adorable ? mixes, all under 5 lbs, PLUS our resident rock star, Teddy, who is a MiKi, 4 lbs. This is an explanation of one segment of our population, we welcome dogs up to 35 lbs.  

 And, now! On to our favorite topic-  FOOD

Our customers know and appreciate the high standards we uphold when adding a new line of food or discontinuing a brand.  Recently we decided to drop the Natura line, which includes, Evo, Innova and California Natural – all great sellers – but the company was sold to Proctor and Gamble. Every time a large corporation has become involved in the production of one of our food lines things have quickly gone downhill. 

We would like to emphasize the criteria we uphold when choosing a new food line.  We require that all food be made in North America. The production facility must only make one line of food. There cannot be any fillers, bi-products, preservatives, or artificial flavorings contained in the food.  Often, the less ingredients the better, and they must be of high quality. 

This is all interesting and informative, but it is also a drum roll for a new line of food which will appear at Crate and Raining within the week. dadada!


Addiction dog food offers the widest range of low allergy and low inflammatory premium proteins in nutritionally balanced holistic diets with no by-products, fillers, artificial flavoring and preservatives. Featuring only the finest premium proteins balanced with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, our dogs can receive their well-deserved optimum health level and overall well-being for a happy and fulfilling life. Addiction now has a complete and rapidly-growing range of hypoallergenic pet foods.

Between excellent food and run-around-fun-daycare, we have the happiest dogs around!

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