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Early spring of 2002 a sweet Jack Russel Terrier, soon to be named Ernestine, powered into this world.  Not too long after she would find her family and change their lives forever.  She was a spunky girl who was very smart, lovable and energetic.  It was love right from the start.  Bradley, working as a UPS driver, and Stephanie, pursuing her career in retail with her jewelry store Topaz in the Chestnut Hill area, hated the idea of going to work everyday and leaving their precious Ernestine behind.  In a pursuit to feed their new fur baby all the best foods and treats they discovered their passion for excellent dog care.  At that moment Raining Cats and Dogs (later to be named Crate Escape too) was conjured up as a dream.  A dream that could give them the freedom to spend everyday with Ernestine and supply the community with the best doggy treats, foods and toys. They just happened to stumble upon a retail rental in Huron Village, Cambridge MA.  Officially opening the doors of their first store April 2004.  It was hit in the village, an already doggy forward community.


Originally the focus of the space was retail.  Never even considering the need for services until one faithful day when their very first customer walked through the door, Brady Arnold.  A standard black poodle puppy needing a doggy-sitter while his mom went to work.  The rest is history!


A few years later it was apparent they needed more space to accommodate all of their new furry friends and that’s when the Belmont facility, Crate Escape, was born.


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Crate Escape Too takes dogs 35lbs and under (fully grown)



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